Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lucy and Ella's Day of Fun

Well as most of you know…I received a complaint from the St. John the Baptist Parish Humane Society a few weeks ago stating that I was neglecting and not feeding my dogs. I felt like a guilty mom…and I am determined to make it up to my sweet puppies.

So I told them that January 23, 2009 would be forever known as Lucy and Ella’s Day of Fun! (Notice the Friends reference).

When I told them about it they were very excited…

First we went to the bank…I don’t have any pictures of this, but Lucy tried to stick her entire head into the little bank cylinder (the thing that goes up the tube). She really likes the smell of money!

After we left the bank, we went to get gas and then to the car wash. Lucy loved the car wash…she chased the little scrubber things up and down the car. Ella was a bit terrified (maybe this could be looked at as abuse). I let her sit in my lap during most of the car wash…so that should make up for it…right?

Once our car was all clean, we headed toward our favorite pet store (sorry…no pictures of us in the pet store..but there will be some later of Lucy and Ella enjoying our purchases). We spent way too much money at the pet store, but Lucy and Ella are definitely worth it!

Well we left the pet store about noon…and I was getting hungry, so we stopped at Lucy and Ella’s favorite fast food joint…the Sonic! They each got a dish of vanilla ice cream and I let them eat it in the car…oh this was just so much fun (Jace is going to kill me when he sees these pictures!)

The ice cream must have been very good…Ella inhaled hers and Lucy was a bit slower but just as determined. The lady in the car next to us laughed the entire time…but I don’t care. When we were done with the ice cream, the nice Sonic attendant came to see if we needed water…well of course. He brought us a big glass of water, and then Lucy and Ella proceeded to drool all over the car…and we dumped some of the water out in the back seat (oh Jace is really going to kill me…hehe).

When we were done at Sonic, we decided it was about time to go back home. Once we got home, I let the girls pick a treat from our purchases from the pet store…of course they both picked the one with peanut butter.

After devouring our treats, we all took a nap (it had been a very busy day. I let them pick their favorite napping spot. Lucy chose my bed (which is really no surprise…it is very comfy). Ella chose to sleep under the bed (this is where they normally sleep at night).

After our nap, we went for a nice long walk in the neighborhood (no pictures of this, because as you can imagine, walking two 50 pound dogs on a leash all by yourself is quite a challenge….I wasn’t going to try to take pictures of this).
Overall we had a really fun day!


  1. Wow this sounds like a super fun day and makes me feel like a HORRIBLE doggie mommy... I laughed at the fact the dogs sleep under your bed, that makes me laugh :) :) I think my dog would enjoy some ice cream, however I'm not sure her digestive system would enjoy it so much :)

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. i LAUGHED so hard!!! this is your best post yet! bwahahhaha!! i LOVE hearing of Lucy & Ella's Day of fun! (of course said in Janice's lovely voice!)

  3. LOL! Emily, I *SO* read it just like, "JOEY AND JANICE'S DAY OF FUN!", before I even saw where you mentioned the Friends reference! Okay, you are not AT ALL a neglectful mom! You are doggie mom of the YEAR!! :) They're so cute!

  4. Hey,
    Love the blog with Ella and Lucy. The car wash is hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you sent it to your neighbor and the St. John dog people so they could see how "abused" these little creatures are. Thanks for the next chapter in your blog book.

    Love ya..., Miss Jan