Monday, March 16, 2009

How did Lucy and Ella manage to lock you out of your house?

Well as most of you know, Jace went on a fishing trip with his dad, brother and uncle this past week. They left early Wednesday morning and returned later Saturday afternoon. This means that I got to spend a few days at the house by myself. See, I don't mind staying home alone. Jace goes on a lot of business trips or whatever, so I'm at home by myself a lot.

Well Friday evening, after I got home from work, I went to go visit with my neighbors (these are not the ones that called animal control….totally different neighbors). I just pulled the front door closed and didn't bother locking it because I was just going two houses down the street. I left Lucy and Ella just hanging out in the living room. I knew I was coming right back.

After my visit with my wonderful neighbors, I stopped off at the mailbox to get the mail, and then headed back toward the house. Once I got to the front door, I realized that Lucy and Ella have locked me out. See we have one of those deadbolt locks that you just kinda turn and it locks. Well it's really easy to lock (this is not the door that you have to jiggle, push and pull to get the lock to work…we have another door in the house that works like that…but oh no not this one). One of the dogs must have jumped up on the door and turned the lock. Great. Now remember…Jace is out of town. I live an hour and a half from my in-laws, and I really don't remember if we ever gave them a key.

Then it hit me, the wonderful neighbors that I was just visiting with have a key. So now I head back over to their house to get the key. Of course, they all get a good laugh out of this. They usually keep my key taped to the inside of one of their kitchen cabinets. Well this time it is not there. So now the hunt begins. Both my neighbors and their children begin searching for my key.
Now, in my mind I'm thinking…my cell phone is in my house, locked up along with my puppy dogs. I don't know my in-laws phone number. I don't remember phone numbers anymore. They are all stored in my cell phone, which is locked in my house. And it's not like I can just call Jace. Oh no, he's fishing in the middle of nowhere and he hasn't had cell phone reception for days. What in the world am I going to do if they can't find the key??

My neighbors managed to find a couple of keys that might work. So we head back over to the house, me, my neighbor, her 3 kids (ages 8, 5, and 2…I think). Well just our luck, none of those keys worked. We all head back over to my neighbor's house to search again. By this time, the kids are asking me why my dogs would lock me out of my own house. I don't know the answer to this. Why would they do this? Do I really mistreat my dogs? Are they getting back at me for all the times I came home late or didn't play with them enough? As if all these horrible thoughts going through my head aren't bad enough, when were testing the keys that ended up not working, Lucy and Ella are just sitting on the other side of the door, crying. So sad. They wanted us to be able to open the door.

Well we finally found they key! Horay. Me and two of the neighbors kids (the 8 and 5 year olds) went back to the house. Somewhere along the way, the 5 year old realized that he didn't really like big dogs, so he was just going to check to see if the key worked, and then take it back home. The key worked! So I went on inside with my neighbor's little boy and we played with the dogs. They were so happy to see us.

After loving on the puppies for a few minutes, my neighbor's 8 year old son looks at me and says "I don't really like big dogs." Ok. So you've been playing with my dogs for like 15 minutes and you just decided that you don't like them? Well of course I must ask him "why?" He simply says "because they have too much hair." Then proceeds to point out a large hairball that has been growing in my living room for about a week now. Geez. Now I've just realized how dirty and nasty my house really is. And it took an 8 year old boy to tell me that I need to clean it!

Don't worry. On Saturday I vacuumed the entire living room, and I even mopped the hard wood floor. Don't you just love how honest kids can be! I made sure to tell his mother later what he said (we had a good laugh!), and I also told her that I did clean up my house after that…so anytime her kids want to come over, I promise not to gross them out again with nasty hairballs!


  1. I laughed audibly the entire time I was reading this post! Our spare key system is way more convoluted than that...remind me to tell you about it sometime.

  2. Very funny. I love your blog. It's always a good read.

    - Damon

  3. i think i laughed harder in print than i did when you told me this story today! ::grin:: ha ha ha!

  4. HAHA Great post! Our neighbors down the street have a key to our house too! Lisa had to use it before. When Lisa was pregnant she was taking Mia to the groomers, and put her in the car and then decided to get the mail. Well when she shut the door to the car Mia locked the car doors!! Lisa's keys were in the car, and the house was already locked. So Lisa was locked out of the house and the car. HAHA. She had to walk down to the neighbors house and get the spare key to the house to get her spare car keys to unlock the car.

  5. Keith:
    You know...Jace keeps my spare car key. If that happened to me this past week, I'd really be in a mess. Lisa was smart to leave her spare car key at home!

  6. speaking of car keys.. a co worker who lives down the road has a spare car key and house key, but I keep my spare clicker at work. You wouldn't believe how many times I've, or almost, locked the keys in the car at work, or the pool or bowling alley for work and been like CRAP. Then I remember I have the spare clicker at work :)

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