Monday, April 13, 2009

Who is Hugsy?

Jace and I realize that when we go pick up this little bundle of joy, the three of us will have very little in common. We won't eat the same food, or enjoy the same TV shows or movies. We won't look anything alike, our hair will be different colors, our eyes will be different colors, and our skin could very well be different colors. We won't really even speak the same language. So we are researching ways to bridge that gap. Find a way that we can bond with our little Tator-tot.

So after doing some thinking, we decided that we wanted to get our little one a stuffed animal. Something that screams our personalities and things that we enjoy, and something that will be just between the three of us. I think we have succeeded! I'm so excited to introduce "Hugsy."

He is a sweet and loveable penguin, fashioned in a lovely red vest with a hat and scarf. Now I'm fairly certain that there aren't any penguins in Taiwan, and the only ones I've ever seen in the United States have been at the zoo…so we sort of have that in common, hu? Ok…so maybe there are penguins in the Taiwan zoo too…anyway, the plan is to take Hugsy to Taiwan and give him to our little Tator-tot. The first present from his/her new parents. Then Hugsy and Tator-tot will live happily ever after in our home.

Note to all interested parties: I'm not planning to do the nursery in Penguins or any other furry creature. This is just a gender neutral gift that we bought the child so that he/she will have something to talk to on the plane ride home or whatever. And it is a great way to introduce the kid to our favorite TV show of all times! (for those that don't know what I'm referring to….I'm so very sorry). If you have a child of your own, we would love for you to go and fashion your own Hugsy, just like ours, but if you wish to buy our Tator-tot a gift, please steer clear of all stuffed Penguins, he/she already has one, and that's all he/she will ever need.

PS: A special "Thanks" to Aunt Tricia…you are the best!!


  1. So is he wearing a hat and scarf because that's what Jace bought you for Christmas one year when yall were dating? That sounds like a great idea and tator-tot will love it.

  2. oh i LOVE it!!! he's TOO cute!! and what a way to start Tator-tot in the right direction of the best tv show ever! i can't wait till Tator-tot & Hugsy come to visit!

    WV: Crazor - to get overly angry when people buy pulpless oj
    Tricia went all crazor when she took a big swig of her Tropicana only to discover Adam had done the shopping that week.

  3. can i also mention i LOVE the fact that you want lil' Tator-tot to only have one "pet" penguin?! that's so special! The first & only penguin from mom & dad...that's really tender! so clever for you guys to think of something so unique!

    wv: litica - i can't even THINK of a def for this one! jeeze!

  4. Keith...I totally forgot about that. We actually got the hat and scarf because that is what the orignal Hugsy wore(from Friends for all those who were wondering). We are still searching for a pair of ski goggles that will fit his little face. But you know, come to think of it...that could be a choking hazard. Hum.

  5. I love Hugsy! (just hope you and Jace don't get too attached to Hugsy yourselves that you don't want to give him up to "tater-tot" :)

  6. MaryLou...From what I'm reading, you are allowed to send care packages to your child between referral and when you get to go pick them up, and one of the things they suggest is sleeping with a stuffed animal, so it smells like you, and then mailing it to the they will recognize your smell (kinda like wild animals I suppose). We are not planning to ship Hugsy, because who knows if our child will actually get that one or if it will just go to the orphanage toy we will personally deliver our Hugsy...but you know we may get pretty attached. We might have to buy 2 more, so that no one has to share!

  7. *GASP!!* A BED-TIME PENGUIN PAL!?!???!? I *LOVE* this! :)

    Sorry, but I JUST NOW got around to reading this blog. I've been out of the blogger world for a few weeks, so I just didn't think to check. I would have definitely commented sooner! And it really IS in honor of the greatest show of all time!! Joey would be proud!