Saturday, May 2, 2009

Have you ever been bitten?

If you are expecting a blog about animal bites, you've come to the wrong place. I'm talking about being bitten by something you love, and not being able to think of anything but that one thing. Sort of that feeling you get when you start dating someone, you look forward to seeing that person, learning more about that person, and you dread the moments you spend apart.

In an article titled "The Newbie Chronicles" in my new favorite magazine, the author defines the word "bitten" as if "you have arrived at a mythical place I can only imagine, where you no sooner start the day without [this] than I could eat a cake without frosting." Well that is the feeling I have today. What is this thing I am referring to?? Running!

Yes, ok, so I may not look like your average runner, and really I wouldn't so much call myself a runner, more of a jogger or better yet a shuffler, but today I did something I have never done before and I loved it!! I ran 5 miles, without stopping. Three months ago I could barely make it a half mile and I was struggling to breathe, but today, I made it 5 miles.

So in honor of my 5 mile, I thought it would be fun to give you a little insight as to what goes through the mind of a person who is running 5 miles.

While changing into my running clothes: "Emily are you sure you want to do this? Five miles is really far. You've never done this before. Wow, that new Nike shirt you bought today looks great on you. Ok. Seriously. Are you really going to do this?"

As I walk out the door and begin my run: "Not too fast, don't want to overdo it, you know. Nice day, breeze blowing, not too hot."

At mile 0.5: "Wow, I really feel great. Time, 5:50, not bad. Right on track."

At mile 1: "Um. I just finished mile 1 and I feel great. No breathing problems. I can remember the first time I ran a mile…ah so easy now."

At mile 1.5: "Ew, is that sweat on my shirt? Um, this new Nike shirt changes colors when it gets wet. You know the old Valero T-shirt I wore last week didn't change colors that much. Hum. This is really gross."

At mile 2: "So I really did just wipe my nose on my shirt sleeve without even thinking about it. Ew, and there is snot on my sleeve. Not as bad as the time a big wad of snot came flying out of my nose and landed on my…um…chest. At least this time I got to decide where the snot landed. I wonder why my nose feels the need to run everytime I do?"

At mile 2.5: "Why is that strange guy staring at me? Doesn't he know I can see him? Believe me, I know I'm not looking that great right now…no reason to stare. Oh, never mind, I think he was watching the dog in that yard. Smile and wave."

At mile 3: "Over half way and I'm feeling great. I remember the first time I ran 3 miles with Jace, without stopping. Um. I think I just got some sweat in my eye. Oh it burns, that is definitely sweat. What do I wipe it with? How am I supposed to get the sweat out of my eye, when my nice new Nike shirt is covered in sweat? Oh great. Maybe I can run with just one eye open. Nope, poor balance with one eye. I almost tripped on the curb. Ah, the sleeve with all the snot, there is a dry spot on it. Feeling much better now."

At mile 3.5: "I think I hear someone coming up behind me. Suck in gut. Look cute. Really, look cute? I'm running, I'm covered in sweat and snot, and I'm thinking 'look cute.' Oh good, just Jace. He looks cute. Why can't I look that cute when I run? Ah yes, he just flies right past me. Oh if only God made it so that I could keep up with him. Oh well, don't try to keep up now, you'll never make 5 miles."

At mile 4: "Wow. I feel really good. Last week at mile 4 I was gasping for air. Today I feel great. What changed? What did I eat today…sandwich, salad, peanut butter…oh I bet it's the peanut butter…or at least that is what I'm going to tell myself, because I really do love peanut butter."

At mile 4.5: "Oh good, cute guy coming. Suck in gut. Nope, never mind. No sucking in gut, abs beginning to hurt, should not suck in gut. He can just watch my wobbly parts as I run. Oh good, it's Jace. Man, he looks good. Give him the wave and a thumbs up…that way he'll know you are doing good. Ha…I'm almost done and he still has 2 miles to go…sucka!"

At mile 5: "I did it. I finished 5 miles…time?? 1:02:45. Not bad. A little over a 12 minute mile. My goal was 12 minute miles, but you know, I just finished 5 miles…so I don't care that I went over by a couple of minutes. Geez. Shirt covered in sweat. Beautiful. Snot has finally dried on my shirt sleeve. My legs feel great, I'm not struggling to breathe at all. I want to do this again tomorrow!"

So there you have it. That's what is going through my mind when I am out running. If you are not a runner, I would highly recommend it. Honestly, if I can do this, so can you. And for those that are runners, watch out, I'm going to be running circles around you in no time…hehe!


  1. I LOVE this post! You have totally captured the beauty of running! I am going to make everyone I know read this in the hopes that they, too, will be bitten! I am so proud of you! Anytime you want some running buddies, Stella and I are available!

  2. LOL! Emily, this was GREAT!! Awww, I wish I liked to run! You are motivating me a little bit! Sayid would probably enjoy it too!

  3. My nose runs too when I run, I don't know why either. You should think about doing a marathon! I'm thinking about doing one with with some co-workers in Houston next year. I need to start training more. I think they have some sort of half-marathon in BR sometime durring the year too.

  4. fabulous!

    wv - dectoya: french for a ten-toy-athon where you much complete a series of events using childrens toys to help you complete each task

  5. You go girl! You should publish a book!!! Hilariously funny!!!!!!!!!


  6. Love it! I would love to run, but too old to start now. Might hurt myself!