Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What are friends for?

Ok. So I had no idea I had this many diehard fans. This blog is really kind of an outlet for me, to vent my frustration, to inform the world wide web of all the happenings in the lives of these Raney's and to help myself remember what I was doing during this time in my life. I've had several people over the past couple of days ask "when are you going to update your blog?" Who knew?? Crazy.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to spend some time with some really great girls. They are wonderful friends, devoted mothers, supportive wives, and I'm so fortunate that they keep allowing me to go on these crazy girl trips.

This is our forth time to go away, just the three of us. We decided a few years ago to make this an annual thing. The first time we went away, we went on a tour of plantation homes in St. Francisville, LA and Natchez, MS. We left out of Ruston early one morning and visited four homes, and returned to Ruston later that night (none of us could afford a hotel room, because we were all still poor college students).

A few years went by, we all graduated, I got married and moved to Baton Rouge, one of the girls moved to Memphis to attend Seminary (she later returned to Ruston), and the other got married a month after I did and moved to Pineville, LA. Our lives were pretty busy for a while, and we really weren't able to take a trip.

We discussed it this weekend, and none of us can remember who it was that decided that we should go on a "girls only" trip again, but it was decided and we all agreed we should return to Natchez, MS. That was two summers ago. Last year we partied hard in New Orleans, LA. This year we went to Atlanta, GA.

In honor of these two wonderful ladies, I wanted to dedicate a blog entry to them. As I mentioned before, I have a terrible memory, so please feel free to correct me if I have printed something incorrectly!

I met Lisa during a quarter break trip to some camp in Texas (I don't remember the name or even the city where this camp was located…sorry). It was my freshman year of college and as mentioned earlier, I spent most of my freshman year trying to get Jace's attention, and then trying to keep Jace's attention, so there wasn't much time in during all that attention grabbing to get to know people. I regret this.

For the first few months I knew Lisa I thought her name was Kim. No lie. Not sure why…she doesn't really look like a Kim, she doesn't act like a Kim, who knows. Lisa started dating Keith a few months after our trip to this unnamed camp. I could write an entire story just on Keith….but sorry; this story is not about Keith. Anyway, when Keith told us that he asked Lisa out, I had no idea who Lisa was (I was still thinking her name was Kim). He described her and quickly set me straight…her name is indeed Lisa.

So after Keith's first date with Lisa, he called me and told me that Lisa was no fun and it was a horrible date. She was rude and they were never going out again. Well, I was about ready to take Lisa down at this point. No one could ever treat Keith like that…he's such a great guy! (It wasn't until I had talked ugly about her with another friend for about 45 minutes that Keith called back and set it straight…she's a great girl and they had a great time). So for some odd reason (probably because we were the only other couple at the ABS at the time), Keith and Lisa invited me and Jace to go with them on their second date….to the circus. Two words…Elephant Poop.

Well after that, Lisa and I became really good friends. She has the best laugh, and I love to hear her tell the story of how she did a paper or presentation or something (obviously I remember this story really well…geez) of all of her different laughs…she had like 15 different laughs. I wish I could remember what they are now. I think my favorite was the joc laugh (imagine in a deep voice "huhuhu"). So funny. I guess you would have to actually hear her do it.

Now for Brooke. Brooke and I met one night at the ABS. I don't even remember when. She and I had a lot in common because we were both raised in Union Parish. After I knew her for about a week, we decided it would be a great idea for us to live together. We were both desperate to move out of our house, and she had some really great connections on a place with cheap rent. Sign me up!

We moved in together in May 2001. I knew very little about her, and she knew very little about me. I guess it worked out. See Brooke is a bit OCD ("a bit" might be an understatement). This worked out well for me. I never had to clean the tub, toilet, or dishes. She did most of the laundry and one time she even cleaned up my bedroom. I am not so OCD. I know she must have wanted to pull her hair out while living with me. There were very few things that didn't bother her…dust and silverware. She never dusted (and neither did I) and the silverware drawer was always a mess.

I can only remember having one big fight with her…which is impressive because we lived together for over two and a half years (Jon can you say the same??). One day I came home, after having a really bad day, to find that my George Forman was in the sink. See you can't put a George Forman in the kitchen sink…it is electric, with a plug, and you have to hand wash it outside of the sink. I have no idea why this set me off, but it did. I picked up that George Forman, marched into Brooke's room and in front of a few of our friends, I told her that I did not appreciate her treating my George that way. Well we worked through our issues.

The three of us actually lived together for a few months. Oh what fun! We would sit in front of the TV each night and watch another hour of "North and South" with Patrick Swayze. Well this movie/mini-series inspired our first girl's trip. We visited two of the houses featured in this movie.

I consider myself truly blessed to have friends like this. They inspire me. Now if only I could find a way to get summers off and not actually have to teach…that way we could spend more time together.

Below is a picture of the three of us at the World of Coke in Atlanta, GA.


  1. Ok I busted out Laughing a couple of times durring this blog!! I'm ready to read my story!!!! When will I be see it?
    Oh those nasty Elephants. I thought I was going to be sick. I can still see Brooke walking behind you with a bottle of windex. HAHA

  2. Not sure if Scarlett's ever told you this before, but we were married at Greenwood Plantation, where the wedding takes place in North & South. I assume that it was one of the homes you ladies would have visited while in St. Francisville. Okay, well that's my funny connection to your blog post for the day. Hope you guys are doing well. Talk to y'all soon.

  3. I was going to share that fun Pourciau tidbit, but Damon beat me to the punch. Dang! I once went on a girls' trip called the Estrogen Tour with 9 women and 2 bathrooms for a week. It was awesome!

  4. Love the blog!!! As I've said before, you write so eloquently even capturing the pleasant elephant poop incident! I'm so glad that we met each other and have become good friends---for whatever reason whenever! I hope we keep up the girls getaway every summer for years to come! Keep blogging--I love reading!!!
    Love Lisa