Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How clean are you?

Ok. So it's no secret that Jace and I are not the cleanest people in the world. If you have any questions about my cleanliness, call Brooke. Brooke lived with me for two and a half years in college, and she had to do all the cleaning! And Jace…well let's just say he's worse than me.

We get by. Each week we do our best to change the sheets and clean the toilets, but lately with all the running, biking and traveling, the cleaning has been sorely lacking.

The most cleaning I've done all week was the bath I gave to my sweet puppies yesterday. Ella loves to take a bath. When I got home yesterday, I told her that she was going to get a bath. Well that sweet puppy rushed into the bathroom, pushed open the shower curtain and sat in the tub. I wasn't even ready to bath them. I changed clothes, gathered up towels and shampoo, and hooked up our little sprayer thing that goes on the sink. Ella just sat there very patiently and waited for her bath.

Lucy, on the other hand, is not so fond of the bath. She will get in the tub, and she is really good while I bathe her, but she's not going to tear open the shower curtain to beat anyone to the tub.

Yesterday, I also met with Elly. She cleans one of our friend's houses, and comes highly recommended. I really liked her when I first met her. When I pointed out the stack of "stuff" sitting next to my husband's side of the bed, she says "I know husbands," meaning that she understands that there is no method to their madness.

Today was her first official day. Yes that's right, I met her yesterday, and she asked if she could start the next day. Oh how wonderful. She came to my house about 7am, with two other ladies. They cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned. I made it home at 5, they were all still there. Rather than disturb them, I decided to stop off at my neighbor's house. They just got back from vacation and I wanted to see how things went. This is the same neighbor who's son told me he didn't like big dogs because they have too much hair (check out this blog).

I left their house about 30 minutes later, Elly and her team were still hard at work at my house. I decided to run to the bank. That took all of 15 minutes. At this point I decided that I had to go work out, so I would run through the house quickly and get my workout clothes and then go to the gym.

As I approached the door, I could already see some of their work. The window on the front door (which I have NEVER cleaned) was clear. You could actually see through it. When I opened the door, I was greeted by two of the sweetest puppies ever (Lucy and Ella, of course). Yes that's right; she just let them play in the house while she cleaned. They love her! (Sorry Aunt Tricia). She said they were so sweet all day. Ella spent the day napping under our bed, and Lucy followed Elly around the house while she was cleaning.

Well I ran through, got my clothes and headed to the gym. Everything I saw on my run through the house was so clean!! Jace made it home around 6:30 and they were still there. Jace didn't want to disturb them, so he unloaded his bike (he went bike riding at the spillway today…took an awful spill…hopefully he will write his own blog on that one…anyway). He also took time to wash off the bike and himself. Sometime within the next 30 minutes, the cleaning team loaded up their stuff and headed out.

So yes, for those of you keeping track, this wonderful cleaning team was at my house from 7am to about 7pm. Did I have a messy house? I think so!

This lady and her team did an amazing job with my house! The whole house smells so good! She cleaned everything! The best things she did was the shower (oh it was just nasty), my vanity area (check out the picture below…I wish I had a "before" shot to show you how bad it was), and the folding of the towels and tissues.

So there was one catastrophe during the day of cleaning. I forgot to warn them that my washing machine has a tendency to walk. Well they washed the blanket from my bed, and then went to cleaning the bathroom in the back. They didn't hear the washing machine as it began its march across the laundry room. Yes that's right. The fight between the walking washing machine and the poor unexpecting shelf. It managed to take down the shelf where we hang our clean clothes. I'm not really all that upset about this, because I wanted to put up one of those shelves that has a full bar so you can slide the clothes from side to side. I think Elly expected me to be mad, but who could get upset at her…she was cleaning my house!

Well, Jace and I went through each room checking out the wonderful job Elly did for us. When we got to the bathroom where Ella takes her bath, she stopped and sat there. We continued to inspect all the other rooms, but not Ella, she just sat there. I think that after all that cleaning, she thought she was going to get another bath. Poor thing.

She returns every two weeks. Please feel free to stop by my house every other Thursday to see what a great job Elly does.


  1. i'm impressed period...but SERIOUSLY after seeing what she did with your vanity!
    and Ella is far from a sweet little puppy the first time you meet her! ;) i'm kidding i totally love that baby!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! She sounds amazing!! I love the little touches with the toilet paper, kleenex, and towels. It's like your own mini-hotel :)

  3. You now live in a cruise ship, with all those fancy towels! Does Elly have openings??? We may need to block out a whole weekend of her time....

  4. Does Elly travel long distances to do her magic!!! Love the towels and tissue. Makes me feel like I'm at a B&B! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!