Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are We Ready?

Well, I guess I'm about as ready as I'm ever going to be. We have our half marathon in exactly 8 days. I say "we" because my wonderful husband has decided to get off the couch and go do some runs with me over the past few weeks. He's so much better at this whole running thing than I am. I have to work a lot harder to get it; it comes so easy for him….but enough griping.

I have been running for a while now, as most of you know (and for those people….I won't name any names, but you know who you are…who think I'm going to give this up as soon as we get the kid…I hope to prove you wrong!! J). People have been telling me that I need to get used to eating/drinking something during my run with some calories in it. I HATE sports drinks….Gatorade, Powerade, etc…they are all just nasty! Ok…well, I've always said "I'm willing to try anything once." So I agreed to let Jace purchase some GU packets for me. I've personally never actually taken/eaten/slurped (not sure of the proper verb for what you do with those things??) one of these things prior to this past weekend.

So, I took my triple berry gu and put it in my ever-so-cool little pocket in the new running pants I got last week. Jace and I decided that since the Andouille Festival was taking place at our normal running spot, that instead of running for distance, we would run for time through our neighborhood. I know, you probably shouldn't do this two weeks before your half marathon, but I figure we should be ok. So, we decided to run without stopping for 2 hours. This is the longest I've ever gone….hence the need for extra calories during the run. Prior to my long runs, I like to eat half a peanut butter sandwich, and I'm usually good for the entire run. This time I decided to take my brilliant husband's advice and pack some gu for later.

An hour into the run, when we took a 1 minute break for water, and for Jace do down one of these gu things, I was still feeling great, so I opted to hold off on the gu. I really hate that you guys can't see us running/stopping because we found this great hiding spot for all of our water and gu wrappers (we have to keep it all clear of where the dogs might potty….don't want some strange dog pottying on my water bottle). Anyway, Jace downed a gu, and we kept running. We went for 45 more minutes and I was beginning to feel a little tired. We made it back to our super secret hiding spot, and I decided to take one of these gu packets.

Where do I start? How do I describe these things? Well, the texture is not good. It's sorta like melted gummy bears, or watered down jello. The flavor wasn't bad. I kinda liked the berry taste, at first. I downed half the packet and did my very best to get the rest of it down, but it just wasn't happening. I drank some water and just gave up.

For the next 15 minutes of our run, I did nothing but burp up berry nastiness. Yuck. This berry burping lasted about 30 minutes. To all my running friends: is this normal? I've learned to expect just about anything during my runs…the body responds to things much differently than I ever could have imagined…so really, am I supposed to burp for 30 minutes? Should I maybe try another flavor? Do you have any suggestions?

Ok, so do you think that I am now prepared to run a half marathon? I'm not really running for a certain time, I just want to finish!!



  1. The first time that I tried gu was during my first half-marathon. I used an orange one and I also burped nasty orange taste into my mouth for the remainder of the run. I hate triberry. It makes me gag. My personal favorite and the one that I actually look forward to taking an now savor each drop of during races is strawberry banana. It will change your life, I promise. In other news, I dreamed last night that the baby was already here and looked just like Emily! Of course, it was a girl, but don't be alarmed by that. Before Stella was born I always dreamed she was a boy, so my dream life must just be backwards. She had strawberry blonde pigtails, though, in my dream.

  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and recommend either vanilla or espresso. I also liked lemon! I never used them for a half (would just pack squashed peices of gummy bears in my pocket) but for the marathon I actually looked FORWARD to my goo! :) I guess once you run long enough you look forward to anything that involves stopping?? :)

    Also, I BELIEVE that you can and WILL continue to run once the bambino gets here! Maybe invest in a jogging stroller if you think he won't be too big?? That way the whole fam can go!!

  3. what's wrong with burbing? It's good for the digestive tract!!