Sunday, November 15, 2009

Can you please write something on your blog?

Yes. It has been a while since I updated the blog. Not for lack of writing interesting things…I have pages of interesting things that have happened over the past couple of weeks, I just can't put any of that stuff online right now. Oh, but don't worry, one day you will get to read all about our travels and that beautiful little boy.

For now, I'll just give you an update on what life is like at the Raney residence…

On October 31, Jace and I finished our first half marathon. It was great. The weather was perfect, the race course was beautiful and we had loads of fun. We finished in 2:25:15! Ok, so that's not a great pace, but I'm happy we finished.

About 6 hours after finishing the race, we were in the New Orleans airport getting ready to board our flight to Russia! Enough on that topic…(can you tell how difficult it is for me NOT to talk about Russia!?).

We were supposed to do an adventure race the day we got back, but the third member of our team came down with the flu. I can't say I'm all that upset about not doing that race. The fact that we had not slept in about 24 hours (sleeping on airplanes is near impossible) and the sitting in cramped seats on the airplane would have made running that race quite miserable. Maybe next year we can get together and do an adventure race.

So what's next on the racing agenda? Ole Man River. This is another half-marathon in the New Orleans area on December 20.

Jace is doing his best to get out of this one…but I'm not going to let him. See e-mail conversation below…

Jace: Would you like to do this?

"Saturday, December 19th – Gift Distribution
Let's enjoy Christmas with the kids and their
families at Children's Hospital of New Orleans.
Valero Volunteers and families are needed to visit
Children's Hospital of New Orleans on Saturday,
December 19th for distribution of gifts to children
unable to go home for the Christmas Holidays.
This is very heartwarming event for these children
and their families. Employees interested in
attending this visit should plan to meet in the
Lobby at Children Hospital for 9:30 AM. This event
normally ends around noon."

Emily: I think it would be fun. This is the Saturday before the half…so we wouldn't be doing a long run that day.

Jace: You are still running the half on the 20th?

Emily: "We" are planning to run the half on the 20th. J

Jace: I'm supposed to run that thing too?

Emily: Yes, yes you are. You've already done one…this should be cake!

Jace: I told Damon I would never run another one J

Emily: Why? Why would you do that? Why would you never run another one? Was it that bad? I thought it was loads of fun! I can't wait to do it again!

Jace: Ok. I'll run it with you, but man that is just not that fun. 2.5 hours of running. That's insane. I will bring my iPod this time.

Emily: I told you to bring your iPod last time!

So the plan is to run another half marathon on December 20th. This half-marathon actually falls into the training plan for a full marathon in February. I might run this, depending on when we travel again. I'm thinking doing long runs in Russia is going to be near impossible.

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  1. wow- can I sign up for team Raney training!? I need all the extra help and motivation I can get. I'm so impressed with you guys!!