Friday, November 20, 2009

Do you ever have deep conversations with your husband?

In my last post, I gave you an example of an e-mail string between me and Jace about running a half marathon. If you have not read that post, check it out!

Today, we had another interesting conversation that had me laughing out loud at work.

So, I'm a huge fan of the Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer. I finished all four books in about a two week time frame. I have since downloaded all 4 books onto my iPod and listen to them all the time. I've finished each book about 10 times. I'm kind of obsessed. I don't really care if you judge me, I spend over two hours in my car each day, I desperately need something to entertain me (and for those who know me…you already know how I feel about Ilyana Kadushin).

The second movie in the Twilight series came out today, New Moon. I was originally supposed to go during my lunch break with two of my coworkers, but they had to back out on me…stupid work projects and work stuff…can't take off two and a half hours in the middle of a work day.

I should say, before you read our conversation below, Jace watched Twilight with me. After watching the movie, I even convinced him to listen to the first book. He hated it. Every minute of it. He makes fun of Edward and Bella. This does not make me happy because I'm Team Edward all the way. After he finished Twilight, he went online and read a summary of the other three books to see how they end. No fun at all.

So here is our conversation today explaining how bad I want to see this movie TODAY…

Emily @ 11:19AM: They are all backing out on me!!! I can't go see this movie by myself! Oh what am I supposed to do!?

Emily @ 11:28AM: Jace….I have to go see this movie today…I just have to. Please please go with me. If you don't, then I'm going by myself. What time do you get off? I want to buy tickets now.

Jace @ 1:09PM (after only reading my first e-mail): I'll take you tonight. Just buy the tickets.

Jace @ 1:09PM (after reading the second e-mail): HAHA just made it to this e-mail.

Emily @ 1:17PM: You didn't answer my question.

Jace @ 1:18PM: Yes I did read the e-mail below.

Jace @ 1:19PM: Get some tickets for Clearview. You can swing by the house and let the dogs out then come meet me at work and we will go see the movie.

Emily @ 1:27PM: No…what time do you get off? Did you answer that one?

Jace @ 1:29PM: 4:30ish

Emily @ 1:30PM: They have one at 5:10 that's not sold out…if we can't make that one, then we have to wait until 10pm.

Jace @ 1:30PM: Ok

Emily @ 1:30PM: And we have to get there early to get good seats…so if you don't get off until 4:30…I guess we will have to do the one at 10.

Jace @ 1:30PM: Go for it.

Jace @ 1:30PM: Ok that works.

Emily @ 1:32PM: I don't understand. What works? Ok to what? Give me a time!!! 5 or 10!! You are killing me!


Emily @ 1:34: Don't get mad…please. Thanks for taking me to see New Moon….you are the greatest husband EVER!

Ok…you may not think this little conversation is that funny…reading back over it now, I think maybe it's not that funny. But at the time, I was cracking up!

We will be attending the 10 o'clock showing tonight at Clearview! HORAY!


  1. love it! That is such a lesson on how men & women communicate. I'm thinking I should get in on the Twilight craze soon...

  2. Hilarious! We were 20 minutes late for our showing, true to Damon time. Can't wait to see it again with you!