Thursday, December 3, 2009

How difficult is it to get some furniture home?

Ok. So when we purchased the furniture for our little guy's room, we opted to pick it up rather than have the furniture store deliver it to us. This is much more convenient for us…no waiting around for hours waiting for the furniture truck to arrive. No need to take off of work. You get the picture.

They called me last week and told me that our furniture would arrive on Dec. 2. It was raining that day, so I decided to wait a couple of days to bring the furniture home. I drove Jace's truck to work today in order to pick up the furniture.

We bought a twin bed frame (including headboard and footboard), a twin mattress, and a chest of drawers. This should be super easy to get loaded and drive home, or so I thought.

Well the furniture store pick up department closes at 5pm. I normally get off work at 4, and it usually takes me about 35 minutes to make it to the furniture store. Today was not a normal day at work, of course. It never is on the day you need it to be. I left the office at 4:30 and while pulling out of the parking lot, I called the furniture store. I explained that I was running late and they agreed to wait on me. So nice of them.

When I get there, a guy wearing a tie helps load the furniture into my truck. That should have been the first clue that this was not going to work out well. He did an ok job with the tie straps I brought with me. Everything appeared to be secure, well that is until I got on the interstate doing about 70 mph. The chest of drawers fell over on top of the bed frame which was sitting on top of the headboard/footboard. All of these items are in boxes, but I'm still freaking out. What do you do? I'm on the interstate. You can't just pull over on the interstate!? So I drive slowly to the next exit. This may have been more terrifying than being stopped on the side of the interstate. Louisiana drivers do not like a slow driver.

The exit I get off on is Airline Hwy. It is a four lane highway with a median. Not much better than the interstate, but the cars are moving a little slower and it has a good sized shoulder. I get out of the truck and assess the damage. It appears that nothing is broken, just one of the ties came loose and the chest fell over. I stood the chest back up and proceeded to undo the tie so that I could make it more secure. I've never actually had to work one of these fancy tie straps before. Jace always takes care of that for me, but I'm alone, on the side of Airline Hwy, with a truck full of furniture for my little man. I have to get this stuff home safely.

After about 45 minutes of climbing in and out of the truck (in my work clothes, wearing my nice jacket, and it's very cold outside too!!), moving around the furniture, changing out the straps, stopping only long enough to say a few not so nice words at these stupid fancy strap things that hate me, I managed to secure all the furniture once again.

I did not mention this to Jace when I told him the story…and I know he doesn't really read my blog, so I feel pretty safe that he may never find out…but sometime during that 45 minutes of being stuck on the side of the road trying to tie down my furniture, a strange SUV type car happens to "break down" on the other side of Airline Hwy. As if I'm not freaked out enough by the fact that I may have just ruined all my child's new furniture, now I'm going to die, and no one will know where to find me. Ok…so maybe I was being a bit dramatic, but it was so dark, and sort of scary. I hurried as fast as those stupid straps and my frozen hands would allow.

Well obviously I made it home in one piece…I'm writing this blog right?

The furniture survived as well. There is one small scratch on the back of the chest of drawers; no one will ever see that, so all is well.

We are working on getting it all setup tonight, so look for pictures later.


  1. Not funny at the time - i know! but hilarious story later :) I don't know how to do the fancy strap things either, but you just increased on the bravery and usefulness scale in my book!

  2. Okay, somehow I totally missed this post! I am so glad the furniture was unharmed! I know exactly how difficult transporting things can be. Damon's dad has lot several pieces of my furniture from the back of his truck while going 80 down the interstate. Gotta master those straps!