Friday, December 18, 2009

How do you prepare for a child? (Part 1)

Well, Jace and I have been asking ourselves this one question a lot over the past few do you prepare for a child? There are lots of books, magazine articles, friends and family with loads of advice, but at the end of the day, its just us, and we have to do our best to be as ready as we can. Everyone keeps telling us not to worry, that no one is ever really ready when they bring home a child. I'm trusting that last part is true. As for the books and magazines, who has time? And all my family and friends, I'm sort of sad to admit it, but I forget a lot of the things you said. Don't be offended if I don't follow any of your advice (I probably just forgot...honest...go read some of my earlier blogs).

We have been working hard over the past few weeks getting the house ready for a child (I'm trying not to say much about him...but it's just so hard....I'll give you this, he's going to be home by Spring, and he's about 18 months old now).

Over the past few weeks, we have cleaned out almost every room in the house...this is my favorite! (Thanks Meme and Big Al for the bedding!!)

We've also had lots of help preparing for our new little addition. We had our first baby/toddler shower on December 5 in Walker, Louisiana, at Jace's cousin's house. Below are a few pictures from this wonderful party.

Cute dishes from the sweet. And the quilt was made espeically for our little man by his Aunt Carla (or Carly as he will call her...I'm not certain on that spelling, so feel free to correct me).

The Baby Jogger. Oh yes...I don't have to give up my running thanks to the best in-laws on the planet.

Both of our parents decided to give us used gifts at the shower....Jace's parents passed down a cute pair of rubber boots, and my parents passed down a handmade blanket.

The invitation for the party asked the guests to sign their favorite childrens book. What a wonderful idea! I got lots of books!

Unfortunately, I don't remember who made the cake (if someone else remembers, leave a comment...give a shoutout!). It was so cute! And VERY tasty!

The Hostesses! Katie (with Katherine), Stephanie, and Tricia.

One of our little guys Great Grandmothers, Abbah.

The Grandmothers...Meme (my mom) and Nan (Jace's mom).

My mom and younger sister, Mitzi, drove down from North Louisiana after the snow storm (they left at around 4am to make the party). I have a great family!

I thought the party was loads of fun. Katherine had such a great time, she had to take a nap in the middle to keep up with all of us! Pretty soon she's going to have to share Nan!

So you will notice that I named this post "Part 1." There will be more pictures from our other showers coming soon.

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