Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Has it really been 9 years?

Yes. Hard to believe, but Jace and I went on our very first date 9 years ago today. My last first date.
In honor of the 9th anniversary of our first date, I'd like to give you 9 random things that I love about my wonderful husband:

He does the dishes without complaining (and without having to be asked!!)

He remembers all the funny stories that I always seem to forget (he even remembers the ones I wish he might forget!)

He will get up in the middle of the night to straighten the sheets when they come untucked from the bottom of the bed, because he knows it bothers me.

He will turn around and add an hour onto a 5 hour trip just to go back to the house to get my wedding ring when I forgot it home (because he knows I have a fear of someone breaking into my house when I'm gone and only taking my engagement ring…and I LOVE my engagement ring! It's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen!)

He sends me Outlook Calendar Meeting Notices for date nights (we are both nerds I guess…but it works!)

He always says "yes" when I ask "are you about to get up and get something to drink?" whether he needs a drink or not…because he knows I want one.

He starts my car for me on cold mornings so that it's toasty warm when I leave for work.

He's always on my side, whether I'm fighting a battle with friends, family or coworkers, he always takes my side.

He reminds me every day that God is in control, and I need to stop trying to plan or worry about things.

I still can't believe it's been 9 years. I'm sure that the 10th year will be even better than any of the 9 before it. It seems to only get better with time.

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