Sunday, March 7, 2010

What was your first trip to Russia like? (Aka: Going to meet Cohen – Part 1)

WARNING: Not many pictures in this post…sorry! Just stories. Don't feel any pressure to read all this nonsense! I'm thinking my mother is the only person who might be interested in this particular post. Don't worry…there will be more pictures of Cohen later!


New Orleans     10/31/2009    2:06pm
Vladivostok    11/1/2009    5:06am

I hope we packed everything we need. Sweaters, long pants, heavy jackets, etc. Our flight leaves New Orleans in a couple of hours…I can't wait.

So far today, I woke up at 5:30am, drove down to New Orleans with Jace and ran our first half marathon. We ran the race together – side by side. Our time: 2:25:15. Very Exciting!

Next, we came home and finished packing our bags. I really hope we have everything. We've never really been this far away from home before.

We can't wait to meet our little boy! We are bringing a few things just for him. I worked all week on putting together a photo album for him. I e-mailed the family and everyone contributed. I had so much fun labeling each picture for him. We are also bringing some clothes and toys.

This week I have been sleeping next to a soft blue and brown blanket just for him – so he would have something that smells like me.

I can tell I'm getting anxious about the trip. I could hardly eat anything for lunch and my stomach is all in knots. I'm most excited about meeting him. I hope he likes me…I already love him very much!


New Orleans     11/1/2009     12:26am
Vladivostok    11/1/2009     3:26pm

We made it to our gate in Los Angeles! Now we wait for some shuttle to come get us and take us to the international terminal. Our flight leaves in about 2 hours.

I'm hungry. We were so focused on finding our gate that I didn't realize they have to restaurants in this area. I didn't really eat anything for lunch and that was like 12 hours ago!

I hope our flight to Seoul, South Korea, is empty. I'd like to stretch out and sleep (after they feed me something of course).


New Orleans    11/1/2009    2:26pm
Vladivostok    11/2/2009    6:26am

We made it to South Korea! That was the longest flight ever. It was hot and stuffy and the seats were not that comfy.

We ate twice on the plane – dinner and breakfast. I was so hungry I ate everything! For dinner we had beef and noodles with potato salad, a roll, and creamy dessert cake. It wasn't so terrible.

For breakfast we had an omelet covered in some sort of red sauce with tator tots and sausage. We also got a blueberry muffin and strawberry yogurt. Not half bad.

We are now sitting in the airport in Incheon, Korea. Finding our gate here was super easy. Nothing like LAX. LAX was terrible – this is wonderful!! The airport here is beautiful. They had these tall yellow flowers that looked sort of like mums in pots everywhere. Just wonderful!


 New Orleans     11/2/2009    1:12am
Vladivostok    11/2/2009    5:12pm

Well, we made it to Russia! The flight from South Korea to Russia was not bad at all. They served lunch on this flight – beef with vegetables and mashed potatoes. It was quite tasty for airline food.

We flew to Russia during daylight hours, so we got to see just how beautiful this country is. They had their first snow of the season on Saturday so everything here is covered in snow.

When we landed, they came over the loud speaker in the plane to tell us about the weather in Vladivostok. Cold! It was 16˚ when we landed!! We only had our small Louisiana jackets with us so it was REALLY cold to us!

This particular airport was very small. They did not have terminals where you get off the plane and go directly into the airport. No, no. You get off the plane then get on a bus to get to the airport. Very cold.

We made it through customs without any issues. Irina, our coordinator, meet us at the airport. She is a very beautiful lady with blonde hair and a great sense of style.

She drove us directly to the notary, then to the Department of Health to get our little guy's medical information. Next we went to the Department of Education where we got official permission to visit Bogdan tomorrow. I'm so excited!

Next she dropped us off at the hotel. Our room is nice. When we got here, we couldn't figure out how to turn any of the lights on. Turns out, they have this place where you must put your room key to activate the electricity in the room. Neat.


  1. Don't forget to update your "How Long will the Adoption Process Take?" sidebar. It is still stuck on your first trip to Russia! I am loving reading along with you every step of the way, and I am not even your mom.

  2. me too! oh, Emily! it's SO nice to have you back! this is great! i'm loving getting to read all the little steps!

  3. I'm enjoying reading it too! Keep those updates coming :o) It is neat to be able to see the whole process play out! (And just so you know I'm not a random blog stalker, I married Joseph Cali who knows Jace and Adam and am friends with Tricia and Adam too.) Congratulations on bringing that sweet little boy home! He is so cute and looks so much like a Raney!

  4. I am so glad to hear that you have your little man home now! I know how exiting that day was to us. Congratulations!!!

  5. Might not have been wise to read this at work. Happy tears!

  6. I just feel the need to say that i am also reading... and not your mom!!