Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can Cohen feed himself?

In a previous post, I showed the world what it was like for me to feed Cohen for the first time. My how things have changed. He now feeds himself almost all the time.

This morning he ate some prunes for breakfast. Most mornings I give him chunks of fruit, such as pears, apples, oranges or bananas. Today I decided to go with the prunes, for reasons any mom would know. He LOVES prunes. He was so funny while he was eating; I decided I better catch some of this on video so I could show the world just how cute this kid really is.

In the video, notice how he is using both hands to eat….will he be left handed or right handed?


  1. A) OMGosh that's such a fun video! and 2) My parents said I switched hands all the time when I was his age. When I hit pre-school/Kindergarten all the teachers told them to make me pick a hand but they said no, and that decision has helped me immensely! I can play just about all sports right and left handed/footed and the crossover really helped in the arts and playing drums. Just thought I would pass that along :)

  2. Love it!! If one end of the spoon doesn't work, try the other. He is so precious - even covered in prunes!!!

  3. THAT was hysterical!!! i'm STILL snorting & laughing! ha ha ha! LOVE that kid!!
    and dude! i HOPE he IS ambidextrous! That would only add to his coolness!

  4. "they" (whoever "they" are) say that kids shouldn't show a handed preference until age 2...so I guess you're close to finding out!?

    He is so precious! Glad y'all are enjoying your time together!