Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Has Cohen made any friends?

I think Cohen has more friends now than I do. We have had so much fun meeting people! Below are just a few of the friends he has made over the past two weeks.

At the airport, he had the privilege of meeting Stella. She came to welcome him home.

Then once Cohen got home, she came to visit us there too.

We also got to meet our cousin, Katherine. She and Cohen played for hours at Nan and Pop's house. They both loved the bubbles and the puppies.

Ethan, Aaron and Molly came by for a visit.

Cohen showed Molly how he can play "pee-pie."

Then, Cohen got to go to Sunday School and meet more little girls.

Just this past weekend, Cohen got to meet Tristyn for the first time. She lives in Brookhaven, MS, so we were really excited to hear that she was in our area.

I see a pattern though, all the kids that are around his age are girls. Hum. Oh well….we like all these little girls and they are loads of fun!

We are patiently waiting to meet our cousins from North Louisiana. They are scheduled to visit us sometime this week, hopefully. Cohen has heard all about how wonderful Alyssa, Ana and Mitch are, so he can't wait to meet them!


  1. ha ha! what a little stud! i think it's hilarious that he's got so many little girls as friends! yay!

  2. I think he has more friends than me, too. Oh, and sorry about all the girls! I'm really trying hard to fix that, but to no avail!

  3. We loved getting to meet Cohen! At least you know he will have his pick of potential wives one day! :) And now i'm thinking...even Lucy and Ella are female!! Poor Cohen and Jace! ha ha!!