Friday, March 5, 2010

How can I put this experience into words?

As most of you know by now, we are home! All three of us.

 Meet our little boy, Cohen Bogdan Raney. He's great. He makes me laugh every day!

So I agreed to give you the story of our adoption journey and I fully intend to do so. I will start at the beginning and work my way through. I will do my best to keep this up regularly and throw some new Cohen stories in every now and then.

The format will be a little different than my normal blog entries...I will start each entry with the date/time for both New Orleans, Louisiana (where we live) and Vladivostok, Russia (where Cohen was born and lived the first few months of his life, until his mom and dad could come get him).

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I'm going to start with the Referral, the first time we heard about our Cohen. The entry for the Referral is the only entry I did not include the Vladivostok Day/Time. Sorry. Remember, these are journal entries…so I'm hoping it makes sense.

October 12, 2009

What a crazy day. So I'll give you a quick update on the adoption before I begin this crazy story about my crazy day.

Jace and I are pretty much finished with the home study. We've signed the dossier documents and I emailed a copy to our adoption agency for their approval. I have a few loose ends to wrap up before I'm done.

So at this point, I'm expecting to finish what I'm doing and wait. I'm expecting long months of waiting.

You can clearly see why this phone call I received today was a little unexpected. At about 9:30am today, I got a call from a lady with the referral department of EAC (our adoption agency). She told me she had a referral for me. WHAT? We aren't finished yet. We shouldn't be next in line. She proceeded to tell me all about a little boy named Bogdan.

I'm in tears.

After our conversation, she promises to e-mail me photos, video, and medical info. Yep that's right. I have a week to decide, but I already know I want him.

So next I called Jace. I told him everything the lady with EAC told me. I cried again.

Next I google the name Bogdan and I find out his name means "Given by God." Yes, he's truly a gift from God.

Next I started calling clinics that specialize in International Adoptions. I already know I want him. At this point I have seen the pictures. He's the most perfect child I have ever seen. I just want to hold him.


So far I've done pretty good keeping my cool and not shouting from the top of my lungs that I got a referral.

To celebrate our referral, Jace and I took our mountain bikes out to the spillway after work and got really muddy. It was the perfect ending to this day.

On October 13, we officially accepted the Referral of Bogdan. I can now share of the pictures and medical information from our little man.

At 15 months…

Weight: 20 lbs 5 oz. (below 5th percentile for healthy children)
Height: 29.5 inches (between 5 – 10 percentile for healthy children)
Head: 18.7 inches (between 50-75 percentile for healthy children)

So to sum it up….he's small for his age, but he has a huge head. He was destined to be a Raney!!

Lots more to come!!


  1. I'm so happy for yall, Emily. For real, I've been smiling & checking facebook often throughout the day for new photos of Cohen & whatnot. It is obvious already that he is the perfect fit in yall's family. God knew all along. I'm so so so so so so so so so happy for all of you. Congrats (times a million)!

  2. YESSSSS!!!! I have been waiting for this story to begin being told :) The most beautiful thing is God writing it so perfectly (and continuing to do so!) I'll email/call but we would love to come see y'all in a few weeks when you get your feet back under you and un-jet-lagged (is that a word?)