Sunday, March 28, 2010

How do you celebrate a beautiful little girl’s birthday?

Well, with a huge party of course! The Pourciau's know how to put on a party…the entire neighborhood agrees with me on this one! She had a bouncy thing (not the technical term, but I have no idea what to call those things), ponies, cakes (yes there were two…Miss Stella can't do dairy), bar-b-que, treats, and a haystack full of plastic animals. What more could a kid ask for??

I wanted to share just a few of the pictures from Cohen's first ever birthday party. We took about 200 pictures, so it's really hard to narrow them down to put just a few on the blog. Geez…this is hard!

The party was farm themed, so we thought it was only appropriate for Cohen to sport his new overalls. How cute is this kid!?

Cohen had so much fun at the party. We started off the afternoon in the bouncy thing. He LOVED it. He screamed when I made him get out because the big kids were getting a little crazy.


 After that, we went down to the pond to check out the ducks. Our good friend Tristyn came with us. She was looking so cute in her little outfit…don't you agree!? Cohen LOVED the pond and the ducks. He got really mad at me when I pulled him out of Stella's neighbor's yard because he was following the ducks. Then he got mad again because I wouldn't let him get close to the pond. Oh life is so hard.

One of our favorite party guests was "Baby Bird" or Stella's pet duck. All the kids loved the duck! Here is our good friend Lora with the duck.

And our friend, Talia, with the duck.

And here is Cohen and Tristyn with the duck.

Some other fun things Cohen enjoyed doing at Stella's birthday party include:

Carrying around the Easter baskets


Carrying a cup in his mouth

 Finding plastic animals in the haystack

Later, when most of the big kids left the bouncy thing, I let Cohen get back in it. His friend Sadie was a huge help. She would pick Cohen up and put him on the slide. This meant I got to stay out of the bouncy thing and just watch. It was great!

Look at that face. Can you tell that he's enjoying himself!?


 Ok. So out of the 200 pictures we managed to take at Stella's birthday party, this is the one of the three pictures we have of Stella. It's sad…but I guess we were so busy with Cohen and Stella was so busy entertaining all her guests, we didn't have a chance to get her on camera. Don't worry Stella, there will be plenty of time later for lots of fun pictures with Cohen.


We had so much fun, Cohen didn't want to leave. Check out that face. Not happy to be in the wagon headed back to our boring house.

Congrats on another year Stella! We can't wait to see what the next year brings you!!

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  1. oh that looks like SO much fun! I can't wait for a birthday party that i can attend with Cohen! i'll be toting him all over the place! we'll bounce in the "bouncey house" together and everything!

    wv: Pooson - adj. very stinky "poo" like odor coming from little boys
    "Oooh! You smell like pooson!"