Monday, March 8, 2010

What was your first trip to Russia like? (Aka: Going to meet Cohen – Part 2)

New Orleans  11/2/2009    3:50pm
Vladivostok    11/3/2009    7:50am

We made it through our first night here. The heater in our room works REALLY well. I woke up drenched in sweat. Good thing the window opens up – because neither of us could figure out how to turn off the heater.

When we met Irina yesterday, she told me that she thought Bogdan looks just like me. From the referral pictures, it's so hard to tell. I can't wait to see him for real. She also said he was a real handful – sounds exciting. Can't wait to meet him!


New Orleans     11/3/2009    1:03am
Vladivostok    11/3/2009    5:03pm

Wow. What a day this has been!

We met Bogdan today. He is the most wonderful little boy EVER! We got to the Hospital (where he lives) around 10:30am. I don't remember much about the exterior of the building, but the inside is like a maze. We went up 2 different flights of stairs to the third floor. We enter this room with a large window, a couch and two chairs covered in purple fabric. The room also had a table and four chairs that were also covered in the purple fabric.

Irina went with one of the other ladies to a room in the back. I heard them talking to him. I remember, my heart was racing. I could hardly breathe. I was about to meet him. This is the most exciting moment in my entire life! Then – he walked out! Oh he was just so cute!! I went to get him first, because they say children in orphanages only see men when they see the doctor, not fun.

 He whined a little when I picked him up, but he kind of warmed up quick. When Jace touched him, he tensed up a bit, but he didn't really cry.

They laid out blankets on the floor of the big room with the purple covered furniture. We sat down and unloaded our bag full of toys. At first we all just sat there and didn't really move. Kind of like all three of us were just taking everything in. We stared at him, he stared at us.

After just sitting there for a few minutes, he started to touch the wooden blocks we brought. Jace and I laid on the floor and stacked blocks for a while. He didn't really make much noise. We kept saying "block" over and over again. I think at one point he actually said "block." So cute!

We broke out the cookies a few minutes after we got there. I brought some keebler fudge shop cookies. He LOVED the cookies. Every time Jace would dig his hand into the bag of cookies, Bogdan would light up and stare at Jace until he got his cookie.

We walked up and down the long hallway at the hospital like a million times. The kid loves to walk/run. Maybe one day he will run marathons!

He had this duck toy that you walk behind. Well, Bogdan just pulled the duck behind him, up and down the hall.

At about 12:30pm they brought in his lunch. They put him in a small wooden chair and wrapped a large towel around him then handed me a bowl full of potato soup and a giant spoon. They gave Jace a small cup of warm sweet tea. I got to feed Bogdan. I put a small amount of soup on the giant spoon and put it in his mouth. I did this over and over again. After a few minutes, one of the ladies that worked at the hospital came over and took the spoon from me. She filled the spoon with soup, this giant spoon, and shoved it in his little mouth. He acted like he understood this method of dining. I was not doing it properly at all! In no time, she nearly emptied the huge bowl of soup. I never would have guessed someone so small could eat so much! With only a few large spoonfuls left, she passed the bowl back to me. I filled up the spoon and shoved it in his mouth.

We got to play some more after that. Later on, he started getting a little sleepy. I sat in one of the chairs and sang to him. Then I passed him to Jace. Jace just hummed. He was so cute and cuddly.

We got to play with him for almost 4 hours. I can't believe it was that long. It seemed like only minutes. I didn't want to say goodbye, but we get to go back tomorrow.

I totally forgot to mention the outfit he was wearing. He had on a striped long sleeve shirt under a long sleeve cotton shirt, khaki shorts, bright blue leggings, and white sandals. Jace called the leggings "athletic cold gear compression pants." He was still the cutest little boy ever!


  1. WOW! Emily, i know this story & i'm *still* crying EVERY time i read it...and i've re-read it a lot more than i'd like to admit! :)

  2. Emily, Kelli and I are enjoying your blog. Keep the stories coming. The pictures are great.