Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What was your first trip to Russia like? (Aka: Going to meet Cohen – Part 3)

New Orleans    11/3/2009     2:28pm
Vladivostok    11/4/2009    6:28am

Well, I've been awake for 2 hours. I don't know if it's the jetlag or boredom. We only have 1 channel on TV that is in English…BBC News. Nothing exciting there, and I get tired of just reading my book.

Let me explain. We got back to the hotel yesterday around 4pm. We read, watched BBC News, looked out the window, watched our videos of Bogdan. At about 7pm, we had nothing left to do. I decided to just go to sleep. I got up at 4am. That's right…9 hours of sleep! Geez.

I decided to just go ahead and get up, because odds are I'm not going to be able to go back to sleep. Jace got up too, and we watched a few episodes of Friends on the laptop.

Now it's 6:30am, and I'm bored again.

I'm really wishing we could just go see Bogdan right now….but he's probably sleeping. Hum.


New Orleans    11/4/2009     12:46am
Vladivostok    11/4/2009    4:46pm

We had a wonderful day today with Bogdan. He is sort of warming up to us.

Today when we arrived, he had on this purple and pink footed pajama set. It was so girly!! I couldn't wait to change him. I put on a blue and red footed pajama set we brought from home. He looked so much more like a little boy after that. Poor baby.

Jace decided today that instead of us two rolling around on the floor scaring the poor baby to death, we would just play his way. We were quiet and just sat with him. I think our English may have scared him a bit yesterday. He loved playing with the blocks and the duck.

Today we brought a book the Pourciau's sent with us called Pat the Bunny. He loved it! He smiled and even laughed with it. He tried to take it apart too. So funny.

We got to feed him more cookies and pulled a toy truck up and down the hallway.

Yesterday, Bogdan got into a fight with the kid in the bed next to him, and he came away with a huge busted lip. (ok…what really happened is the kid next to him threw a toy at him, and hit him in the lip). His lip looked pretty bad, but Bogdan didn't seem to notice.

I got to feed him lunch again today…oh what a treat! I did much better today. I gave him "full spoonfuls" of the potato soup.

He loved looking through the photo album we brought with all our family pictures. He did his best to try to tear out every page, or eat the book. There was a CD cover in the back of the photo album. Bogdan pulled it out and played with it all day. He also loved the camera lens cover…of course it's the things that aren't really toys that the kid loves the most.

I miss him already. Can't wait to see him again tomorrow.


  1. I love hearing this story! Brian watches Fox News so much that it feels like we only have one channel so I can relate to the boredom. How funny! At least you guys caught up on sleep while you were there :)

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