Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where do you go for a fun haircut?

Well, the Children's Hair Palace of course. Thanks to our good friend, Stella, for this fun suggestion.

Cohen's hair wasn't really long or in desperate need of a haircut, but it was all uneven and some of the hairs were much longer than the others, so I wanted him to start life in the USA with a fresh look.

For those of you that have had the privilege of meeting our little Cohen, he doesn't like to have anyone touch him. Could be because of the months spent in an institution without lots of touching, or could be that he's an almost two year old little boy with no desire to have people touching all over him. I'm going with the latter of the two. I refuse to blame anything on his upbringing…they did a great job feeding him and keeping him healthy until his mom and dad could come get him. Either way, you get the point.

So when Cohen sat down in the chair, he was ok at first, but then the stylist got a little too close and he got a little uncomfortable.

We had lunch earlier that day at McAlisters and with the kids meal you get a small bag of Teddy Grahams. Cohen ate the entire grilled cheese sandwich, so I decided to hold off on the Teddy Grahams until later…thank goodness. They were a huge hit at the salon.

As you can see here…he's steady reaching for the cookies during the entire haircut. He didn't really cry at all! She even got the little electric razor thing after his hair, and he was fine. Such a great kid!

Cohen will do anything for food!

When she was done I told her to spike it up in the front so that it would look just like his daddy's haircut. Look how cute he is!! (And I wish you could see all the funny faces he makes when we are playing…oh my goodness!!).

Here are the boys together. (It's the best I could get out of the both of them).

A special thanks to my Mom for all the great pictures!! She was a huge help at the salon!


  1. Such a handsome young man! Love the spiky hair! He does look just like his Daddy now. Can't wait to spend more time with him!

  2. If it makes you feel better, Tristyn is also in the "don't touch me" stage now. She is miss independent...must be a toddler thing! And she loves the grilled cheese at McAllisters too! Sounds like Cohen could give her a run for her money in eating...can't wait to meet him!! :)