Friday, April 30, 2010

Are you my mommy?

Cohen and I attend Lap Sit Story time at the Library every week or so. We love it. It gives us a good reason to go to the library and then to the park. It makes Friday's lots more fun.

Today the theme was boats and Mrs. Roberta read Mr. Gumpy's Outing. If you've never read this book, it's a good one…I recommend that you check it out at your local library next time you are there. Well in the book, Mr. Gumpy has a boat and all these animals ask for a ride in the boat. There is a chicken, a dog, a cat, a cow…you get the picture. Mrs. Roberta had pictures of all the animals, and as she was reading the story she would pull out a picture and ask the kids to name the animal.

Mrs. Roberta holds up a picture very similar to this one below….

…and Cohen answers "mommy."

He didn't answer on any of the other animals. Why couldn't "mommy" be a dog, or a cat…why does "mommy" have to be a pig? I know I wasn't looking so great today, but come on Cohen!

Well, I can't be mad at a kid that's a cute as Cohen. After the story we danced and sang. It was loads of fun. At the end of the Story time, Mrs. Roberta gave us a craft. She gave us the pieces to make our very own sailboat at home. It was the first time Cohen ever used glue. We had so much fun…and he only tried to eat it a couple of times.

We had so much fun making the sailboat that we decided we should keep going. We tore up some construction paper and glued it back together. Check out our creations.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is there anything better than a fresh picked strawberry?

Yesterday, Cohen and I loaded up with Scarlett and Stella to enjoy a day picking strawberries somewhere near Hammond.

Cohen loved picking the strawberries, but he was so rough, most of the ones he pulled off were so squished we couldn't eat them.

Later on, I convinced him that he should just point to the strawberries and let me do the actual picking.

He did that for about .5 seconds and then began running up and down the rows of strawberries.

Here is an adorable picture of Stella picking "flowers" for her daddy. Such a sweet kid!

We found a horse that Cohen would actually ride! The tire swing horse. Cohen loved this!

He also did some dirt work on the tractor, just like his Big Al.

We visited the petting zoo area. Cohen was not too interested in any of the animals except the pigs. I guess since he lives with Lucy and Ella, all other animals are just boring compared to those two dogs.

Cohen kept fussing while we were on the playground area because he wanted to go on the merry-go-round. Well, there was about 400 school children on the thing, and they looked like they were about ready to smash anyone smaller than them, so I wouldn't let Cohen get on it until they were all gone. He was not happy with me earlier in the day, but I think the wait was worth it.

Next he found another tractor. You know what they say about a boy on a tractor! Well, Stella just couldn't resist. He agreed to let her ride on it too.

Ok. This is probably not the most appropriate picture of these two kids, and Stella's father is probably going to come after Cohen with a shotgun when he sees our boy with his hand on his little girl's leg, but I couldn't help but add this one to the blog. (And to be honest...I think he's probably trying to knock her off the tractor). I think they look so cute!

The strawberry patch was exhausting. Here are the two kiddos sacked out in the backseat of Scarlett's truck. They slept all the way to Metairie! It was great!

Once the kids woke up from their short nap, we took them out to eat at McDonalds. I have no pictures of this, but check on Scarlett's blog to see a photo of me stuck inside the playground at McDonalds.

 The best part about going to the strawberry patch (other than getting to spend some time with good friends) is enjoying the fruits of your labor. Cohen loved his strawberries!

Monday, April 26, 2010

What do the Raney’s do for a day of Family Fun?

For those that are not aware, Jace and I love being parents. Cohen adds an entirely new level of entertainment for us. We used to spend our Saturdays watching TV or working around the house. Not anymore, thank goodness!

This past Saturday was the annual Valero Family Day. They held the event at LynHaven in Hammond, LA. It was a great facility packed with lots of fun things to see and do.

We started by checking out a few of the farm animals in the petting zoo area. They had a cage with Rabbits, Ducks, and Chicks. Cohen took a few minutes to warm up, but he really seemed to like this area. He kept going back to watch these animals.

Then we walked over to check out the goats and sheep. They acted a lot like Lucy and Ella, so Cohen wasn't really that interested in them.

Cohen got to ride a turtle. Look at that boy!

Then he watched a guy feed grapes to a turtle.

Here is Cohen and the turtle asking for more grapes.

He took his first boat ride. Yes, it is a paddle boat powered by Jace (I was absolutely useless on this boat). I know you can't tell by his face, but he really enjoyed this ride.

We tried to get him to ride the ponies, but he did the same thing at Valero Family Day as he did at Stella's big birthday bash…cried and whined until we walked away from the ponies. Maybe next year!

After all that fun, we loaded up in the truck to head to a crawfish boil at Nan and Pop's house. Cohen was pretty tired. He slept for about 5 minutes, so I had to get a picture of the sleeping boy.

Nan and Pops had lots of fun things to play with, such as:

Crawfish in an ice chest:

A water hose (look how he's convinced his cousin, Katherine, to join in the fun):

A wheelbarrow (Cohen and Katherine loved this one):

Cohen had so much fun with the wheelbarrow; he decided he wanted to push it around the yard himself:

A water sprinkler (note to all interested parties: I have photo's of Katherine playing in the sprinkler, but because she is a Miss America hopeful, I will leave the half nude photos of Katherine off the blog…just suffice it to say she had a blast too).

It was a very fun day. We can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Did you know you could have this much fun with a can of whipped cream?

 So for those looking for some tips on how to make your love life more exciting, this is not the post for you. Sorry.

If you are looking to see an adorable little boy enjoy some whipped cream, well then I have some photos and video for you!

Cohen's grandparents, Nan and Pops, brought over some strawberries, cake, and a can of whipped cream to make strawberry shortcakes. Cohen loved the strawberries, but we wanted to see what he would do with the whipped cream.

Obviously he loved it. Here's the video. Too funny!

So today, Cohen and I were uploading videos to You Tube and when they finish uploading I let him watch them. When he watched this video, he opened his mouth like he was waiting for me to put more whipped cream in it. He keeps asking for "more." Sorry kid. Not right before nap time!

Does Cohen like the water?

Um. Yes. Well, to be honest, I don't think that "like" is the correct term for the way he feels about water. He's in love with it!

On Sunday afternoon, Jace decided to mow and water the grass. Well, with that sprinkler going, I couldn't resist putting Cohen in some cute swim trunks and let him have some fun.

Just as we were turning on the water, the Pourciau's stopped by our house. Stella was not really in the proper attire for playing in the sprinkler, but she did entertain us with her singing (she sang "Rain, Rain Go Away" a few times).

These are just a few of my favorite pictures.

And of course, with the help of Scarlett, we got some really cute video. I didn't edit this because I didn't have time, so I just downloaded all of it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How well do Cohen, Lucy and Ella get along?

I've had lots of people ask me about Cohen's relationship with Lucy and Ella. Do they love him? Does he love them?

At first, Cohen was very interested in them, but he didn't want to touch them and he certainly didn't want them to lick him. Things have gotten a lot better for Cohen because Lucy and Ella really don't lick him much, but poor Lucy and Ella. Things have gone downhill for them.

A few weeks ago, after Cohen finished his dinner, I said "do you want to take a bath?" Well this is what we found when we got to the bathtub. Jealous?


Then the other day, I caught Cohen chasing Ella with a metal bucket trying to put it on her head.

Of course, they are working hard to get back at him. The other day, I caught Ella eating Cohen's sidewalk chalk.

This video was taken about a week ago. Cohen is trying to get Ella to sit at the end…he keeps saying "sit."

And a little later...Lucy and Ella get to bother Cohen while he tries to drink his milk (he is scooting around on his rear because I don't allow him to walk around the house with a cup of milk...I like my furniture too much!).

I think that all three of them are going to be best friends!