Friday, April 2, 2010

Could you possibly pack more fun into a couple of days?

I don't think so.

On Tuesday, March 30, Cohen and I packed our bags and headed to North Louisiana for the first of many trips to visit Meme and Big Al (or Bigubaux/Bigaball as the grandkids refer to him). I don't think we could squeeze more fun out of a couple of days again even if we tried.

Here is Cohen in the driveway as we leave our house.

It took us about 5 hours, but we made it! Cohen did great in the car. He slept for about 2.5 hours and the other times he was snacking or talking, so no major breakdowns. When we made it to my parents house, my dad had the toys ready! Cohen loved the little riding toy.


Later, Mama Ginny stopped by to meet her great-grandson. Cohen is her eleventh great-grandchild! Can you imagine? They had lots of fun together. She brought her puppy, Sasha, by to meet Cohen as well. Cohen wasn't real crazy about touching Sasha. I think he likes the big dogs better. My parents have a German shepherd named Rose. He loved Rose.


Aunt Mitzi and Uncle Jamie joined us later. They brought bubbles with them…Cohen loves bubbles. It was one of his first English words to say, so he's a huge fan.

Cohen was also very impressed with the number of rock in Meme and Big Al's driveway.

After all that playing, we worked up a good appetite. Cohen knew who was in charge of the food at Meme's house, so he refused to let her go. I had to make the biscuits that night, because she wouldn't put Cohen down. The biscuits were hard and nasty. Sorry about that.

The next day, we met up at the ABS Building for some fun with my college friends. Brooke and her little girl Layla drove from Bernice to come play with us. Lisa and Liam were staying the week in Shreveport (they live in Alexandria, but are in the process of moving to Shreveport), so they drove over and met us as well. We had lots of fun. Brooke brought Cohen's favorite treat…bananas! I don't have many pictures of the kids because they really didn't sit still very long.

There was one really funny thing that happened while they were playing. See Liam doesn't really care for bananas, but when Brooke offered him one, he couldn't turn it down. He carried it in his hand for a few minutes. Cohen is like a monster when it comes to food…nothing is safe. After watching Liam carry that banana around, and not eat it, Cohen took it upon himself to eat Liam's banana…right out of Liam's hand. If I were Liam, I would have hit this kid, but no…Liam just turned over the banana and let Cohen have it. Such a sweet kid!

Here is a photo of Layla trying to take a photo of me.

Here is the only picture I have of all three kids. They all wanted the Mr. Potato Head that Lisa was trying to open.


Here is a picture of Liam and Cohen. Of course they are going in different directions…they never did sit still long enough for me to get a decent picture. I think they had lots of fun though.


And of course…Cohen eating a banana. This could be the rest of Liam's…who knows!?


After all that fun, we headed back to Meme and Big Al's house.

Cohen rocked in the rocking chair. He kept saying "rock, rock."


Then Cohen and Meme rocked in the chair together.


Just like a boy…Cohen took the potting soil out of Meme's pots.

Uncle Charles, Aunt Joani, Alyssa, Ana and Mitch came by to play. Of course there were more bubbles….

….and we flew kites (notice how she's just holding that kite...we never really did get the kites to fly)…..


….and played baseball.

Meme and Cohen walked down the street to meet the neighbor's cows.

Then we sat all four kids down to take a group picture. They are just so cute…don't you think?


We were exhausted after all that fun. This is a picture of Cohen in the car headed back to LaPlace. Mitzi loaned us her portable DVD player. I wasn't sure how Cohen would do with it, since he doesn't care for TV at all…but he loved it. We watched Peter Pan three times on the way home.

I know at this point you are probably thinking, "wow, that was a lot of fun and I hate to see it end so soon." Well, don't worry. The fun was not over yet. Aunt Trix and Aunt Stephanie came by that afternoon for a visit.

I didn't take many picture of Cohen with Aunt Trix and Aunt Steph, but I did get this one of him washing his hands. Personal hygiene is very important to Cohen, and he LOVES the water, so this is just the most fun thing ever.

Whew…that was a ton of fun. We need a Good Friday now to relax and get ready for Easter. While you are out having fun with your family, please remember what this time of year is really about. We celebrate a Risen Savior!

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