Thursday, April 22, 2010

Did you know you could have this much fun with a can of whipped cream?

 So for those looking for some tips on how to make your love life more exciting, this is not the post for you. Sorry.

If you are looking to see an adorable little boy enjoy some whipped cream, well then I have some photos and video for you!

Cohen's grandparents, Nan and Pops, brought over some strawberries, cake, and a can of whipped cream to make strawberry shortcakes. Cohen loved the strawberries, but we wanted to see what he would do with the whipped cream.

Obviously he loved it. Here's the video. Too funny!

So today, Cohen and I were uploading videos to You Tube and when they finish uploading I let him watch them. When he watched this video, he opened his mouth like he was waiting for me to put more whipped cream in it. He keeps asking for "more." Sorry kid. Not right before nap time!


  1. baahhh haa haa!!! Your first sentence made me laugh so much! :) This is so cute!

  2. He makes everything so adorable!! Love it!!!!!!!!