Monday, April 5, 2010

How was your Easter?

Our Easter has been wonderful.

We started our Easter celebration on Good Friday by taking the day off. We stayed home and worked in the yard. While playing in the yard, we found lots of things that little boys just love.

Snails…oh we found millions of snails.

And an earthworm.

Then on Saturday, we headed over to The Pourciau's house for an egg hunt. Cohen figured out quickly how these things work. He would pick up the eggs and shake them. If they rattled, he knew there was candy inside, if they didn't, he would put them back on the ground. So he did not collect any real eggs on his hunt. He left those for the other kids.

He also enjoyed collecting a few eggs, then dumping the basket out in hopes that one of those eggs might just pop open and he could eat the candy (Cohen has mean parents, and they didn't let him have all the candy he wanted that day, so he was doing what he could to work around the parents).

We did give in later and let him have some of the healthy treats from the Easter Egg Hunt.

We sat all the kids together for a group picture. Look how great these kids did!! I think everyone had lots of fun. Can't wait to do it again next year!

And you can't have an Easter party without taking a fun family portrait. Look at those Raneys! Aren't they cute!?

 As we all know, The Pourciau's know how to put on a party. The kids not only enjoyed a top notch egg hunt, they were also treated to some fun with sidewalk chalk and wagon rides.

After all that fun, we loaded up and headed to Baton Rouge for a visit with Nan and Pops. They also had Easter Eggs hidden in their front yard. Cohen, being an expert hunter now, picked up the first egg, shook it, and realized that no one put any candy in these eggs. He lost all interest in the hunt once he knew there was no candy to be found.

Cohen's favorite thing to do is swing, so when Nan and Abbah offered to swing with him, he couldn't refuse!

On Sunday, the Easter bunny made a stop by the Raney residence to leave Cohen a few treats.

 After opening all that fun stuff and reading the books, we put on our best Easter outfits and headed to church. A good parent would have probably taken a picture of the three of us dressed up for Easter Sunday, but that didn't happen. Sorry.

Later on Sunday we dyed Easter Eggs to celebrate the day. Cohen really just wanted to throw the eggs and he kept calling them "ball." We let him eat a few peeps while we were dying eggs. He loved the peeps, and one of the eggs managed to get a nice coat of peep crumbs, so when we dyed it, the egg came out speckled.

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