Monday, April 26, 2010

What do the Raney’s do for a day of Family Fun?

For those that are not aware, Jace and I love being parents. Cohen adds an entirely new level of entertainment for us. We used to spend our Saturdays watching TV or working around the house. Not anymore, thank goodness!

This past Saturday was the annual Valero Family Day. They held the event at LynHaven in Hammond, LA. It was a great facility packed with lots of fun things to see and do.

We started by checking out a few of the farm animals in the petting zoo area. They had a cage with Rabbits, Ducks, and Chicks. Cohen took a few minutes to warm up, but he really seemed to like this area. He kept going back to watch these animals.

Then we walked over to check out the goats and sheep. They acted a lot like Lucy and Ella, so Cohen wasn't really that interested in them.

Cohen got to ride a turtle. Look at that boy!

Then he watched a guy feed grapes to a turtle.

Here is Cohen and the turtle asking for more grapes.

He took his first boat ride. Yes, it is a paddle boat powered by Jace (I was absolutely useless on this boat). I know you can't tell by his face, but he really enjoyed this ride.

We tried to get him to ride the ponies, but he did the same thing at Valero Family Day as he did at Stella's big birthday bash…cried and whined until we walked away from the ponies. Maybe next year!

After all that fun, we loaded up in the truck to head to a crawfish boil at Nan and Pop's house. Cohen was pretty tired. He slept for about 5 minutes, so I had to get a picture of the sleeping boy.

Nan and Pops had lots of fun things to play with, such as:

Crawfish in an ice chest:

A water hose (look how he's convinced his cousin, Katherine, to join in the fun):

A wheelbarrow (Cohen and Katherine loved this one):

Cohen had so much fun with the wheelbarrow; he decided he wanted to push it around the yard himself:

A water sprinkler (note to all interested parties: I have photo's of Katherine playing in the sprinkler, but because she is a Miss America hopeful, I will leave the half nude photos of Katherine off the blog…just suffice it to say she had a blast too).

It was a very fun day. We can't wait to do it again!

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