Sunday, April 11, 2010

What sound does a sheep make?

Woof. Woof. According to Cohen, all animals say "woof, woof."

On April 6, Cohen took his first trip to the zoo. We met some friends and family at the Baton Rouge Zoo for a day of fun. I think his favorite part of the zoo was the playground. I guess he's not at the age where animals are interesting. Or he feels as though he lives at a zoo, thanks to Lucy and Ella, so the other animals just are that impressive. Here are a few shots of him on the playground.

He paused for a quick moment for a photo with Abbah. Katherine and Cohen are Abbah's great-grandchildren.

As previously mentioned, good hygene is always important. Here is Cohen washing his hands after going through the barnyard animal section (notice how I have no pictures of Cohen actually in the barnyard section…guess he and I were just having too much fun to pause for pictures there).

Cohen got up close with the giraffes.

Cohen and I read Llama, Llama Red Pajama each night before bed. I wanted to make sure he met a few real life llamas.

Here we are waiting to take the train. Katherine and Cohen are playing a little game to see who can take off Cohen's sock without any of the adults noticing. See how he's got his foot stuck out for her to help him take off the sock. (One might ask, "where are these children's shoes?" and to that I say, they already removed them and proceeded to toss them out the strollers. The shoes are safely tucked away in the bottom of the stroller for safe keeping.)

Here we are on the train.

We had lots of fun and we are hoping that next time Katherine goes to the zoo, she will give us a call to join her.

(I need to add as a disclaimer that there was another beautiful little girl that joined us at the zoo as well. I managed to make it through the entire day without taking one picture of Ava. I can't even imagine how this happened, because she was just so darn cute in her little green polka dot outfit. I'm going to blame my overactive child for the lack of photos of Ava. Fear not, Ava and Cohen will be hanging out again very soon, so I will get a picture of her and post it later!)

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  1. LOVE those last two pics! Stella likes to play the shoe game on the way to church:(