Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why is Ella in the tub with Cohen?

To all the readers out may seem that life at the Raney house is just like visiting a zoo, with all the posts about Lucy and Ella, but that's what our life is like. With a 2 year old and two 60 pound dogs, I feel like I live at the zoo.

So here's another post about our dogs and our son.

I'm convinced that Cohen's favorite time of day is bath time. He loves to play in the water!

 Well, this is also one of Ella's favorite things to do as well.

It has happened before…I ask Cohen "do you want to go take a bath?" and we get to the bathtub and Ella is sitting there waiting patiently for her spa treatment.

Below is a picture that has previously appeared on the blog. It was taken about two months ago.

Things have changed at our house. Ella and Cohen are getting along great now…so the other day when I asked Cohen the question "are you ready to go take a bath?" and we found Ella waiting in the tub, I just decided to put Cohen in there with her.

And of course, we got some video of the fun as well. (I'm still learning how to do this video upload stuff, and it appears that I lost the sound for the first part of the video...sorry).

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Should you really be kissing a dog?

As I have mentioned before in previous posts, my son loves his puppy dogs. For the most part, they put up with him.

So I've been teaching Cohen how to blow his nose. He's been doing pretty well with this, so the other day he decided the he should teach Lucy how to blow her nose.

Here's Cohen asking permission to wipe Ella's nose. Ella never did let him get close enough to actually wipe her nose.

And of course, I got a short video of Cohen wiping noses.

I'm also teaching Cohen how to give kisses. He's mastered this one...and I'm happy to report that he is kissing more than the stuffed lion (for a few days there, the only thing/person Cohen would kiss is the stuffed was heartbreaking).

He's moved on to giving his kisses to Lucy and Ella. Check out this video.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is that a remote control?

Um. No my dear Cohen, that is not a remote control.

Jace and Cohen were spending the afternoon together, and Cohen asked his dad to turn on his favorite VBS music. Of course, Jace did as the boy asked, but when he began playing with other toys, Jace would pause the music. Cohen caught on quick...if he picked up the toy, the music stopped, but when he laid it back down it came on again.

Below is a 5 minute video of this learning experience. Cracks me up everytime I watch it. Listen towards the end because Cohen keeps saying "off." Too funny!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is there a more adorable kid out there?

A few weeks ago, Cohen went for a photo shoot to get some pictures for his Adoption Announcement. I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

 Here is the front of his announcement.

And the back.

We had lots of fun…and I'd like to give a shout out to our photographer…Erin Guedry…she did a great job!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Does Cohen have any friends that are boys?

Um, well, not really. We have a few friends in Sunday school, but most of the kids we hang out with now days are all girls. Cohen doesn't seem to mind being surrounded by some of the most attractive little girls on the planet.

Yesterday, Cohen and I had the privilege to spend the morning with two of Cohen's best friends, Molly and Stella. Stella joined us around 7:30am, and she helped me wake up Cohen and fix his breakfast. Stella is going to be a big sister in a couple of months, and I think she's totally ready for all her big sister responsibilities!

Molly joined us a little later. We sang and danced (I forgot to take pictures of this, but these three kids had so much energy! I had to sit down halfway through because I couldn't keep up). Stella and Molly caught on to all of Cohen's favorite songs. They did great!

After singing, we read books. The girls asked if they could sit in Cohen's bed while I read to them. When Cohen saw how much fun they were having, he wanted to join in. (I'm sure that Molly and Stella's fathers are going to be so happy with the picture of their little girls in bed with my boy, but oh well…I'm already on Stella's father's bad list for a previous picture with Stella and Cohen, why not get on Molly's dad's bad list too…hehe).

After all that reading, we got very hungry. I sat all the kids at Cohen's favorite snack table.

Erika showed up around 11am to take over. Molly and Stella went to Molly's house for lunch and a nap, but fear not, they joined us later, and brought another one of our good friends, Lora. Cohen, Molly, Stella, and Lora put on their swimsuits (or all the girls borrowed swimsuits from Molly) and played in our backyard blowup pool. It was so much fun!!

 It was a great day! Cohen and I can't wait for another chance to spend the day with these fun girls.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Have you ever squished a lion?

No? You haven't? Well my Cohen has.

Aunt Trix and Uncle Awesome gave Cohen a large stuffed lion and he loves it. He likes to bring it to me so that I can move the lions arms and legs and play fight with him. Cohen always wins.

Below is a video clip of Cohen attacking the lion. (Note: we are potty training, so that's the reason for the lack of pants…I promise he doesn't go around with no pants on all the time).

Monday, May 3, 2010

What does a giraffe say?

What? You don't know what a giraffe says. Well my genius of a son does, thanks to a trip to the New Orleans Zoo. On Saturday, it was a cloudy, dreary day with a chance of rain, so what do you do on a day like that, well you go to the zoo. Jace, Cohen and I decided at the last minute to pack up our things and head down to see what the animals were up to on this dreary day.

So here is a short video of Cohen telling everyone what a giraffe says…

Most of the animals were taking their naps when we got there (and Cohen probably should have been napping as well, but oh well).

Here is Jace teaching Cohen about the Louisiana Nutria Rats. I do not care much for this animal at all. Anything with a tail like that should not live near me.

Of course, we took another short video of Cohen learning about the Nutria Rats.

The Louisiana Swamp section of the zoo was especially humid. I think they pumped in the humidity for the visitors so you could get the full Louisiana experience. Cohen enjoyed cooling off at the little misters (I guess that's what they are called).

Next we stopped off at the white alligator exhibit. I think this was Cohen's favorite. At one point he even laid down on the ground to try to look that alligator in the eye. Do we have a future Alligator Hunter on our hands? Who knows?

As most of you know by now, our favorite bedtime book is Llama, Llama Red Pajama so we had to take some time and stop off at the llama exhibit. I explained to Cohen that real llama's don't wear red pajamas and they are also not mad at their mama (another favorite book of Cohen's is Llama, Llama Mad at Mama).

And to end our day we spent some time at the playground. If you will take a good look at all the pictures above, you will notice that the one picture below is the only one where Cohen is wearing shoes. I guess his feet got hot, who knows, but he refused to wear the shoes through the zoo.