Saturday, May 8, 2010

Does Cohen have any friends that are boys?

Um, well, not really. We have a few friends in Sunday school, but most of the kids we hang out with now days are all girls. Cohen doesn't seem to mind being surrounded by some of the most attractive little girls on the planet.

Yesterday, Cohen and I had the privilege to spend the morning with two of Cohen's best friends, Molly and Stella. Stella joined us around 7:30am, and she helped me wake up Cohen and fix his breakfast. Stella is going to be a big sister in a couple of months, and I think she's totally ready for all her big sister responsibilities!

Molly joined us a little later. We sang and danced (I forgot to take pictures of this, but these three kids had so much energy! I had to sit down halfway through because I couldn't keep up). Stella and Molly caught on to all of Cohen's favorite songs. They did great!

After singing, we read books. The girls asked if they could sit in Cohen's bed while I read to them. When Cohen saw how much fun they were having, he wanted to join in. (I'm sure that Molly and Stella's fathers are going to be so happy with the picture of their little girls in bed with my boy, but oh well…I'm already on Stella's father's bad list for a previous picture with Stella and Cohen, why not get on Molly's dad's bad list too…hehe).

After all that reading, we got very hungry. I sat all the kids at Cohen's favorite snack table.

Erika showed up around 11am to take over. Molly and Stella went to Molly's house for lunch and a nap, but fear not, they joined us later, and brought another one of our good friends, Lora. Cohen, Molly, Stella, and Lora put on their swimsuits (or all the girls borrowed swimsuits from Molly) and played in our backyard blowup pool. It was so much fun!!

 It was a great day! Cohen and I can't wait for another chance to spend the day with these fun girls.


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  2. according to babble fish...that comment says this: "The human has a two tongue, is to observe time in the speech reason."


  3. The sly smile on Cohen's face as he hosts two ladies in his bed is priceless. I think we have a future ladies' man on our hands. Also, great job, supermom. You are obviously ready for number 2 and 3! I can't even get Stella to sit down at a table by herself, much less with 2 other kids!

  4. Seriously! Super mom! I am very impressed. You're a pro to handle 3 around this age. Whew. Just T wears me out some days :) Wish Trissy had some fun friends like these! so cute!