Saturday, May 15, 2010

Should you really be kissing a dog?

As I have mentioned before in previous posts, my son loves his puppy dogs. For the most part, they put up with him.

So I've been teaching Cohen how to blow his nose. He's been doing pretty well with this, so the other day he decided the he should teach Lucy how to blow her nose.

Here's Cohen asking permission to wipe Ella's nose. Ella never did let him get close enough to actually wipe her nose.

And of course, I got a short video of Cohen wiping noses.

I'm also teaching Cohen how to give kisses. He's mastered this one...and I'm happy to report that he is kissing more than the stuffed lion (for a few days there, the only thing/person Cohen would kiss is the stuffed was heartbreaking).

He's moved on to giving his kisses to Lucy and Ella. Check out this video.


  1. I love the "cheese" when he sees the camera. Think he's had his picture taken a time or two? Stella does the same thing. Very proud of his kissing progress. Hopefully, when he starts aiming them at girls they don't run away like Lucy. Let him know I will be back to take more kisses even if he is not willing to give them!