Monday, June 14, 2010

How do you celebrate a little boy's second birthday?

With a huge water party!!

It's been long awaited, but at last, here are some of my favorite pictures from the party last weekend.

Here is Cohen going down the big slide! Such Fun!

Here is Cohen's cousins, Ana, Alyssa and Mitch. Such great kids!

Look at Stella and Damon Go!!

These Millet boys know how to have fun!

We also setup a slip and slide for the kids. Cohen Loved It!

Jace and Samuel loved it too!

Katherine gave it a try too!

Katherine and Stella hanging out in the little pool.

Here is a cute picture of Katherine.

I love this picture, because you can see the cheetos in his ear.

Cheetos everywhere!

When the weather got bad, everyone huddled under the tents and watched Cohen destroy his cake. Jace made his smash cake...its a swimming pool with bears in lifesavers...very cute!!

Cohen is lucky enough to share his birthday month with Aunt Trix, so he had a cupcake made just for her! Thanks MaryLou for the beautiful cupcakes!!

Look how cute!! Cohen is totally stealing kisses from Tristyn. I guess we managed to make another father upset with our boy...sorry Brian!

Here is Cohen's friend, Liam, and his mom, Lisa. We were thrilled to hear that they were coming to the party! Liam mastered the big slide...he was doing better than some of the kids twice his age! Too cute!!

Look at my living room...full of kids!! Oh how fun!

Cohen learned that if you turn the bag upside down, the contents just fall right out.

After opening a gift (or just dumping the bag) Cohen would lay on the floor and "ooh" and "aah" over whatever it was he got!

After most of the kids left for the day, the adults got to have some fun on the water toys...

Cohen loved all of his gifts! Here are a few pictures of him playing with his new toys.


  1. I love how you left out that the icing on Aunt Trix actually came from her cupcake and not Cohen. Haha! Great post and great party! Can't wait for #3!

  2. ha haha! Shhh! Scarlett! you're telling the world i'm a messy eater! ;) Emily, we had a BLAST! so much fun! can't wait till next year!a

  3. I totally would have included that if I had realized that's what happened. Too funny! I guess that's where he gets his messiness from! Thanks Aunt Trix!

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  5. As cute as the pics of the kiddos are, I totally laughed at you & jace on the slip-n-slide! We had fun...and glad Cohen is enjoying using his toys in such creative ways :) Hope we can plan to visit and see you guys soon!