Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What is your favorite animal at the zoo?

Last week, we spent the day at the New Orleans Zoo with Scarlett and Stella Pourciau. We had so much fun!!

Here are the kids in their strollers ready for some fun at the zoo.

The first thing we did when we got to the zoo was head straight to the Otter exhibit. They were going to feed the otters, and we wanted to get there to see. The four of us were the only ones there, so the zoo keepers allowed Cohen and Stella to help. They got to toss carrots to the otters. We also learned that all the otters at the New Orleans Zoo are named after power tools. We met Black (Black & Decker), Stiel, and a few others....I don't remember their names. All that to say, Scarlett and I were too busy helping the kids feed the otters, that we didn't take any pictures. That's how it goes, right?

Here are a couple other pictures from the day.

We loved the petting zoo area. Last time we went to the New Orleans Zoo, we skipped the petting zoo area. Cohen did not want to pet the rat or lizard, but he loved the goats.

We also hit up the hot spots for all kids....Monkey Hill and the dirt pit (I don't know the technical name for that area, but it was lots of fun!). I was the lucky parent to be able to climb down Monkey Hill with Stella and Cohen....so I don't have loads of pictures of us on Monkey Hill. Here are a couple of my favorites.

And here we are at the sand pit...
Cohen's favorite thing to do was get a shovel full of dirt and put it on the stones outside of the sand pit! I guess he thought that area wasn't dirty enough.

He convinced Stella to join in the fun of emptying the dirt pit onto the stones...

Cohen also took his first ride on a carousel. Cohen selected the zebra, while Stella chose to ride on an Elephant. Cohen loved this ride! He laughed and smiled the whole time.

Cohen loved all the things we did that day, and I know he loved them, because he threw a major fit when I made him leave Monkey Hill, the sand pit, the petting zoo, and the carousel. Lots of fit throwing going on that day, but it was well worth it...we had so much fun!!

And right before we left, we made it to the sea lion exhibit. Of course, I was so interested in the show, that I didn't take any pictures.


  1. I think you did awesome taking pics! We'll have to hit up Monkey Hill and the dirt pit next time...it is hard to do it all in one day!!

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