Friday, July 30, 2010

Is there anything cuter than a boy and his lion?

As a shower gift, Aunt Trix and Uncle Awesome gave Cohen a huge stuffed lion. Cohen has really become rather attached to this lion. We refer to him as "Mr. Lion" because we are super creative parents.

Cohen's favorite games are playing hide and seek with Mr. Lion. He will go hide Mr. Lion, while we cover our eyes (even though that's not really necessary, because he usually hides Mr. Lion in plain sight, but it's still a fun game). We've invited our friends over to play hide the lion, and yesterday we even brought Mr. Lion to visit Stella so that Stella could play hide and seek with Mr. Lion.

I've posted videos before of Cohen's fun with Mr. Lion. His love for this toy has only grown over the past month or so.

I usually let Cohen bring a toy with us when we go grocery shopping. Usually he picks something small, but not this week. He insisted that we bring Mr. Lion. Here's a shot of the two of them in Cohen's carseat.

I talked to Cohen and explained how Mr. Lion really didn't like to go grocery shopping and he'd rather just wait for us in the car. Thank goodness Cohen agreed, and the lion waited for us in the car.

Well, yesterday the Millet's brought us some toys that they don't really play with anymore. Cohen loves it when Ethan and Aaron decide they have outgrown their toys, because they have the best toys. Well all these wonderful toys came in a box...and we all know how much kids love boxes. Cohen went to get Mr. Lion and both of them got into the box (along with all the toys The Millet's brought over...he's just sitting on the toys). I snapped a few pictures of this kid...look how happy! Makes me smile.

After I pushed Cohen and Mr. Lion around in the box for a while, I decided I need a break, so I turned on Toy Story. They sat just like that (crammed in the box along with all the toys) and watched a few minutes of Toy Story.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Want to see some really cute baby pictures?

I finally scanned all the pictures I got several months ago from one of the caretakers from Hospital #3, where Cohen spent the first 20 months of his life. We met this lady on our first trip, she actually took a picture of us with Cohen. She took all of these pictures using the camera on her cell phone. When we went to get Cohen in February, she went through all the pictures on her phone and I asked her to print them for us. We had to leave Russia before she printed all the pictures, so one of the other families that was there from America brought them back with them and mailed them to us.

Its hard to watch this without good luck!

You will notice a few pictures of Cohen's hair...yep, that's real. Cracks me up everytime I see the picture.

I should also mention that the folks responsible for dressing the children didn't really care if they were boys or girls...they got whatever was there are several pictures where my little man is wearing pink or flowers. It's pretty funny.

One last thing, New Years in Russia is kind of a big deal. They celebrate for weeks...and they dress up. This is the reason for the pictures of Cohen dressed up as a lion. Nope it's not Halloween, although that does give me a good idea as to what to do this year. Those pictures are Cohen celebrating 2010.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Has it really been that long?

That's what I kept thinking the entire time I was hanging out with my college friends this weekend. "Has it really been that long?" I can't believe how much has changed since we all graduated, and in a way, I'm happy to see that there are things that never change.

The Ownby's decided to have a cookout and they invited all of us. The Watson's, The McGee's, The Vance's, The Upshaw's and The Raney's all met at their house for burgers and fun.

Not all of these folks actually attended or graduated from Tech, but we all have a connection. Some were brought in by marriage, others because they are related to one of us Tech grads, but whether they went to Tech or not, they are all loads of fun.

Between all of us, there were 6 kids. The oldest, Aiden, did a great job showing the little kids how to behave. He was a perfect angel all night. I believe Elizabeth said that Aiden was 5 (I could be wrong, so feel free to correct me). The others, Liam, Lane, Cohen, Layla and Eli, range in age from two and a half to 18 months. These kids were crazy!

Here's a picture of all of them in the pool.

The big blowup pool was not the only outside attraction. There was a bouncy thing setup when we arrived, but that was taken down when the kids started getting in the pool. There was also a smaller pool...Layla really liked having this one all to herself. (Also, notice that she didn't make it to her swim suit in time for the fun, so she jumped right in fully dressed...too cute!).

She did share the smaller pool later with some of the boys.

I pulled out my camera to get a shot of Layla and Eli sitting next to each other on the little pool, but when the picture actually took, they were sort of falling out of the pool. I thought it was a funny picture so I'm including it in the blog.

The Ownby's also had a huge beach ball that shot water out of all sides. Cohen loved this!

When it started raining, we moved the party indoors. Brooke and Jon provided some very tasty burgers.

Cohen won the award for the most food consumed by a child. While all the other parents were fixing plates with a few chips and half a hamburger, not us. We put the entire burger on that kid's plate with an adult size portion of cheetos and he ate everything and then asked for more.

After dinner, the kids made a mess of the Ownby house. There were toys and games scattered everywhere!!

Jace had fun getting the kids dizzy by spinning them in a is a picture of Liam getting dizzy. Look at that face...I think he is having fun!

After they were good and dizzy, then Jace would set them down so that they could walk around like a drunk person. I'm not sure who had more fun with this, the kids or their parents.

A little later that day, the boys were busy showing off by doing push-ups in the living room. Well, Layla was sure she could show those boys a thing or two, so she got down and proceeded to do a little booty shake in front of them (or maybe she was trying to do her girl style push-ups...we may never know). Anyway, the boys were very interested in what she was doing...check out Liam and Cohen in this picture.

This next picture was taken right after the push-up contest. I was trying to get a shot of Liams adorable dimples, but my camera was a little too slow. I did, however, get a shot of Layla stripping in the background. that girl! They say it's not a party until someone takes their clothes off!

After she got more clothes on, Layla put on a show for us.

After Layla's show, Liam decided that the adults should go through the "tunnel." (or crawl in between his legs). Liam is pretty this was do-able. I did it first because he asked me to. Luckily, no one had their camera's out to catch me crawling through the tunnel.

Jace was not so lucky! (Cohen's legs are WAY to short for this game. He actually just walked up and sat on Jace's head).

Then the kids took turns crawling through the tunnels.

At the end of the night, we were so sad that we had to leave. I think Cohen made some really good friends that day. Here is a shot I took as we were leaving. Cohen and Liam decided they should give each other a good-bye hug.

I hope we can all get together again soon! We had so much fun!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Would you like a side of mud with that order?

This past weekend, we went to North Louisiana to visit family and to attend a cookout with our college friends (check the blog later for pictures from the cookout).

Jace, Cohen and I decided we would spend the weekend at my sister, Mitzi's house. Mitzi and Jamie live in Downsville, and their property is covered by trees. This helps keep the house cool, but makes growing grass in the backyard a little challenging.

Cohen was rather happy about the giant mud hole that was their backyard. Aunt MitMit got Cohen a sprinkler to play with while he was visiting.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is that a giant frog?

Last Thursday, we had the priviledge of hanging out with the Oswalt and the Pourciau girls.

Cohen, Tristyn, and Stella had so much fun together. They played in the giant frog pool in the Pourciau's backyard.

While MaryLou's little girl was enjoying her pool time, she got to love on the newest addition to this group, Cille.

Then Mrs. Eileen came by and brought lunch for everyone! The 3 toddlers sat on the floor and enjoyed their lunch together.

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the mess these three kids made in Scarlett's house. They had so much fun and we can't wait to do it again!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

How much fun can you have with a laser pointer?

I know what you are thinking..."two posts in one day!" Yep...I have a lot to catch up on.

We always knew how much fun Lucy had with the laser pointer, but up until yesterday we didn't know what Cohen would do.

This video is proof that our dog and our son love each other and they belong together.

What is your favorite color?

If you had asked me this question on any normal day, I would have given you the same answer I've given anyone who asked me this question since I was about 5. I would have said "green." And that would be the end of the discussion.

But after meeting this beautiful boy and looking at those bright blue eyes, I'm thinking my favorite color is now blue.