Friday, July 30, 2010

Is there anything cuter than a boy and his lion?

As a shower gift, Aunt Trix and Uncle Awesome gave Cohen a huge stuffed lion. Cohen has really become rather attached to this lion. We refer to him as "Mr. Lion" because we are super creative parents.

Cohen's favorite games are playing hide and seek with Mr. Lion. He will go hide Mr. Lion, while we cover our eyes (even though that's not really necessary, because he usually hides Mr. Lion in plain sight, but it's still a fun game). We've invited our friends over to play hide the lion, and yesterday we even brought Mr. Lion to visit Stella so that Stella could play hide and seek with Mr. Lion.

I've posted videos before of Cohen's fun with Mr. Lion. His love for this toy has only grown over the past month or so.

I usually let Cohen bring a toy with us when we go grocery shopping. Usually he picks something small, but not this week. He insisted that we bring Mr. Lion. Here's a shot of the two of them in Cohen's carseat.

I talked to Cohen and explained how Mr. Lion really didn't like to go grocery shopping and he'd rather just wait for us in the car. Thank goodness Cohen agreed, and the lion waited for us in the car.

Well, yesterday the Millet's brought us some toys that they don't really play with anymore. Cohen loves it when Ethan and Aaron decide they have outgrown their toys, because they have the best toys. Well all these wonderful toys came in a box...and we all know how much kids love boxes. Cohen went to get Mr. Lion and both of them got into the box (along with all the toys The Millet's brought over...he's just sitting on the toys). I snapped a few pictures of this kid...look how happy! Makes me smile.

After I pushed Cohen and Mr. Lion around in the box for a while, I decided I need a break, so I turned on Toy Story. They sat just like that (crammed in the box along with all the toys) and watched a few minutes of Toy Story.


  1. i LOVE this! i had a giant stuffed bear that my aunt sent me for Christmas when i was around 3 or 4...i *loved* it and still have it today! i'm going to have to request a copy of the first picture of Cohen in the box...just a-grinning away! :)