Friday, July 23, 2010

Want to see some really cute baby pictures?

I finally scanned all the pictures I got several months ago from one of the caretakers from Hospital #3, where Cohen spent the first 20 months of his life. We met this lady on our first trip, she actually took a picture of us with Cohen. She took all of these pictures using the camera on her cell phone. When we went to get Cohen in February, she went through all the pictures on her phone and I asked her to print them for us. We had to leave Russia before she printed all the pictures, so one of the other families that was there from America brought them back with them and mailed them to us.

Its hard to watch this without good luck!

You will notice a few pictures of Cohen's hair...yep, that's real. Cracks me up everytime I see the picture.

I should also mention that the folks responsible for dressing the children didn't really care if they were boys or girls...they got whatever was there are several pictures where my little man is wearing pink or flowers. It's pretty funny.

One last thing, New Years in Russia is kind of a big deal. They celebrate for weeks...and they dress up. This is the reason for the pictures of Cohen dressed up as a lion. Nope it's not Halloween, although that does give me a good idea as to what to do this year. Those pictures are Cohen celebrating 2010.



  1. gah! Em, that was precious! love that kid! i can't help looking at him, even then, and just can't fathom anyone not grabbing him up as soon as they saw him! however, i'm glad no one did until you guys. i can't thank you enough for giving me this precious gift of a nephew! thank you for letting me love him alongside you & Jace. :)

  2. Our hearts are bursting with love for this precious gift God has given to our family. Thanks to the sweet lady who took all these adorable pictures and gave us a small glimpse of his first two years. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  3. I love your baby! Thanks for sharing him with us in real life and on the internet!

  4. I LOVE this. :) And, wow, Cohen has some amazing hair capabilities!

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  6. That is so beautiful! What an awesome testimony to God's faithfulness. He is just precious and we loved getting to see those pictures!