Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can we just "bee" friends?

So the themes continue.

I'm certain you were all convinced that my lack of desire to teach would eventually lead to the end of the Raney craft and storytime, but you are wrong. We didn't stop with the fish or the watermelons. Nope, we moved right along to BEES!

Last week we learned so much about how bees behave and what makes a bee buzz. We also had some tasty honey cereal for a snack one day. I tried to work in a field trip, but the weather would not cooperate, so instead of going to the local plant nursery to see the flowers a bee might pollenate, we went to my front yard, where there was one flower that was near the end of it's short beautiful life. Sort of the same idea, right? I'm trying here!

Our Bible story for last week was the beatitudes, which can be found in Matthew 5. It was a great story and I think the kids love the way the verses kind of flow "blessed are the...for they shall..." It was like poetry to them.

Now on to what you are really here to see, the pictures. I regret to say that I was busy doing crafts and such with the kids, that I did not get many pictures from this week's lesson. Check out Stella and Cille's parents blog to see some really cute pictures of the kids.

We were thrilled to have Molly come and play with us one day. She's an expert at coloring, I'm hoping Cohen can learn a thing or two from her.

Our friends Stella and Cille came by for a visit and to take part in a fun craft that involved glue, markers, and paint. If only we had some glitter to toss in there, we would have a real preschool craft, right?

We made bees from construction paper (you will notice that just about every Raney craft contains some construction paper).

I just let the kids glue the stripes wherever they wanted. I love to see how a kid thinks things should go. If you look close at this picure, Stella put two of the antenna on the bee's face to make a mouth. So creative! Cohen put the antenna on top of another black line, so that you can't see them at all. Molly put them on the face to look like eyes. Stella did manage to get some extra antenna to put on the top of the bee's head, exactly where they belong.


Also, take a close look at Molly's hands in the picture above...that's red paint! Prior to the glue, we used the kids hand prints to make the bee's wings. I have no pictures of them actually doing this but I do have a picture of the finished product.

Playtime at the Raney's always includes some dancing. I have these Wee Sing CDs and I play them all the time for Cohen. He can't get enough. Looks like Molly and Stella are loving them too!

Ok. So I told you there were not many pictures, and I totally did not even get a picture of Cille. She was dressed for the occasion in the cutest little bumble bee dress. Please check out her blog to see how cute she was looking.


  1. Thanks for the fun craft time! I'll post some video of the kids dancing soon.

  2. Have y'all ever heard of GO FISH? WE love love their music (they do praise songs and just regular kid songs but with a beat that would make subwoofers proud :) Anywho...I'm going to check out wee sing too cause' we're always on the lookout for new music!