Monday, August 30, 2010

Can you say "moo"?

Last week at our house (or as Molly refers to it as "Mrs. Emily's School") we learned all about cows!! It was very fun and exciting!

Of course we colored some pictures of cows...but as the weeks progress, I'm getting really bad about taking pictures of everything. Take my word for it, these cow pictures turned out really cute!!

After coloring pictures, and napping, our friends Stella and Cille came over to play. They brought Scarlett with them, and she was our story teller for the day. She told us stories about how the cows eat, and all about their stomachs. Then she told the kids all about how when Moses was up on the mountain getting the 10 commandments, God's people made a calf out of gold to worship. Scarlett did a great job telling the story and explaining why it's not good for us to worship anything other than our God.

Scarlett, Stella and Cille brought over chocolate cupcakes (made with milk from a cow).  Check out Scarlett's blog for more pictures!!

The cupcakes were a huge hit with all the kids...but especially Cohen. That boy loves to eat!!

Next...we moved right into our construction paper/painting craft. We made the cow's face from construction paper...I showed the kids where the eyes, mouth and ears would typically go on a cow, they chose where they wanted them to go. All our cows have a mouth, eyes, and ears, but they are not all in the same place...I love to see how creative a kid can be.

As you can see, I put the example in the center of the table, thinking the kids would follow it...I will know better next time and not even bother wasting my time with an example. These kids were so creative they don't need my boring examples.

Also...if you take a close look, you can see the Cille is just thrilled to be joining us for this craft.

Here is an adorable picture of Stella showing us her ears.

Here's Molly showing off her cow's head.

The next step was painting the cow's body. These kids LOVE the paint. Molly and Cohen have asked for it several times since this day. It was so much fun, I know we are going to have to do it again.

The finished product....Stella's on the left, Cohen's in the center, and Molly's on the right...very cute!!

After painting the cow, we moved right along to milking a cow. Thanks to Scarlett's great idea, we used a rubber glove and a bucket to give the kids an idea of what it would be like to really milk a cow.

And after you milk a cow, you get very thirsty, so we all enjoyed a nice glass of cold chocolate milk. Yum!

Another successful day at Mrs. Emily's School. Can't wait to do it all again!!

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  1. wait...did they milk a chocolate cow?? ;) that's so fun! we had a wooden "cow" at the ranch that kids could was so fun!