Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Does he look 30?

No. The answer is no, Jace doesn't look it, but he is!! Old man!! Hehe. I guess in a couple of years, you can call me old too!

In honor of Jace's 30th birthday, a few of our friends and family members went down to New Orleans for the weekend.

It all started Saturday morning. Cohen and I treated Jace to some tasty donuts at The Donut Hole in LaPlace. After bringing Cohen back to my house (where he would spend a fun filled weekend with Meme), the group headed to New Orleans.

Our first stop was Magazine Street. We did some shopping and we visited the new Varsity Sports. While this was not our original purpose for going to this particular part of town (I'll explain our real purpose later), we did find some really neat shops and some really cool stuff!!

And as you will see below, the moral of the story is to always be ready for a picture to be taken...and not just taken...posted to my blog!! This is a great picture of Ryan and Stephanie, um, and Adam...hehe!!

Here is Jamie, Mitzi and Tricia...ready for some shopping!!

As mentioned before, you should always assume that I will post your picture to my blog. Ryan, thanks so much for trying on those shoes and that turbin! You are looking mighty fine!

Jace tried to find something that would go with Ryan's outfit, but I guess he never could find anything shiny enough!! I wish he would have got his hands on those nice wigs in the back...I'm sure he would look years younger in that!!

After shopping we headed over to Stein's Deli, the real reason for being on this side of town. I would highly recommend this place! It was very tasty!

Our next stop was for ice cream at the Creole Creamery. I don't love ice cream, but this place was great.

Not sure if that is a face that says "this ice cream rocks" or if she's saying "get that camera out of my face." Either way, I'm sure she's enjoying her ice cream!!

Ah yes, and some cousinly love!! Ice cream always brings out the best in all of us!!

We had lots of fun in New are a few more of my favorite pictures from the weekend...

Look at that way he's 30!! Happy Birthday Jace!

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