Friday, August 20, 2010

How do you act for the dentist?

Earlier today Cohen had his very first dentist appointment. I must say, I was super nervous about this dentist appointment, because I had heard all the horror stories about how the kids just scream. I've been to doctor visits where Cohen did nothing but scream, and they are no fun. I know I can handle the screaming, because let's be honest, it's more important at this moment for him to be healthy than super happy. So I had prepared myself for the worse. I brought snacks, his favorite toys, books and blanket. Little did I know...I wouldn't need any of them!

We went to see Dr. Jason Parker. He has a wonderful office, with big screen TVs and lots of toys. Cohen was super excited when we got there. These folks know how to treat a kid.

After we played in the waiting room for a few minutes, we were called to the back by Ms. Tina. Cohen and Ms. Tina got along so well!! She pulled out every instrument (um, I mean toy) she was going to use to clean Cohen's teeth. He got to hold each one and he even used the gauze that was going to be used to clean his face to wipe down the table. Such a great kid.

Ms. Tina and I discussed whether I should just hold him in my lap, or try laying him down on the table. I chose table. If he squirmed, kicked, or hit, it would be easier for me to hold him down on the table than in my lap. Now I did not mention this before, but they have small flat screen TVs on the ceiling playing some of Cohen's favorite cartoons.

He was a little hesitant when I first laid him down, and I had to kind of hold him there, but Ms. Tina turned on the light to look at his teeth, and he was all smiles. She took out the mirror to look at his teeth and he was loving it. Next came the toothpaste (which was strawberry flavored). He was amazing! Such a brave kid! He kept saying "yum" and rubbing his tummy. She took a small break to squirt some water in his mouth, and while she was getting the little water squirter, he was reaching around begging for "more, more, more" strawberry toothpaste. Then he couldn't get enough of the water. He just kept saying "wa-wa" over and over again. Then it was a fight to get him to let us take the stuff out of his mouth. Ms. Tina brushed all his teeth, washed out his mouth, used the mirror to look around, flossed, and then put some vitamin something (that tasted like birthday cake) on his teeth. He didn't move an inch. I didn't even really have to hold him down. He wanted to hold my hand through most of it, but that's it.

I even broke away for a second to snap a quick picture. Look at my brave little man!!

Dr. Parker and his team did such a great job taking care of my little man. The doctor says he has great teeth with no cavities and great spacing (does that mean we won't have to get braces later??). I'm so proud of my little guy.

As we were walking out, he was still begging for the strawberry toothpaste. Can't wait to go back again!


  1. Can we schedule our next appointments together so that Cohen can show Stella how to act? He did great!

  2. Yay Cohen! We need to schedule Eli's first dental visit as well. Glad to hear a good story. :)

  3. Glad to hear that it went better that Trissy's experience :) Maybe Cohen needs to give a "first visit at the dentist" seminar that I can send Tris too!! We need lots of help! :)