Monday, August 23, 2010

How well do you obey?

Ah yes, more of the Raney's crafty adventures.

Last week we learned all about Robots. We rented the movie Wall-E from the library (which was probably due back yesterday…great, just when you are trying to save some cash by going to the library instead of the video rental store). Anyway, Wall-E started our robot adventure. I did my best to teach the kids how to do the robot (you know, swing your arms around as if you are a robot). We created a very interesting little dance. I don't think any of us actually got it, but we had fun trying. (Ok...we did not play the Mr. Roboto song, because I don't understand the lyrics, and I'm not going to play some ugly song in front of the instead we danced to our Wee Sing CD).

Like all other craft days, our day included a Bible story. This week we learned about Jonah and the Whale and why it is important to obey God. We learned that robots have to do whatever we tell them, but God gave us the freedom to make our own choices. Sometimes we don't do what God wants us to do, and that's not good. So the moral of the Jonah story is that we should always obey God.

Cohen's good friend, Molly, came to play for a couple of days, so she got to join in our crafting fun.

Our crafts this week included a robot coloring page…

And of course, construction paper….

And a really neat little foil robot…

And later the kids came up with a really cute game called "Hide Under the Table." They sat under the table for such a long time, just laughing at each other. It was so cute!!

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