Monday, August 16, 2010

What do the boys do when mommy is away?

A week ago, I spent the day in Baton Rouge, LA with some of my fellow church members and AWANA leaders at a training course. It was on a Saturday, and it took almost the entire day. That means Cohen and Jace had the day to themselves, no girls (or no mommy!).

Now, I’d like to start this by saying I was not in attendance on this outing, so I have no funny stories or explanations for the photos below. I was hoping that Jace might do a blog on this one, but it’s been a year since he wrote a blog, so I’m not going to hold out for Jace’s blog post.

Looks like the day started with waffles and apple sauce. Can you say "cheese"?

Then to get the car washed. Looks like fun so far.

The next stop was a local running shoe store or bike shop. I can't remember. Maybe Jace will read this later and comment to tell us where this picture was actually taken, and what is the name of that adorable puppy.

The next stop...The Children's Museum!

It's sad, but he probably won't ever really be able to appreciate the real meaning behind this little train.

On to the hula-hoop.

Now, I'm not sure if lunch was before or after the Children's Museum, but here's a really cute shot from lunch. Did you know that penne pasta will fit on a toddler's finger?

Doesn't that look yummy?! I believe the name of the place where they went to eat was called Slice. Looks very tasty!

I hate that I missed all the fun, but I guess the boys deserve a "Guy's Day Out" every once in a while.

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