Saturday, August 7, 2010

What is red and green and has lots of seeds?


After the response I received from the last post about our weekly themes, I decided to post this weeks as well. I'm not promising to keep this up forever, but I'd love to give you some ideas for what you could do with your little ones.

This week the theme was Watermelons.

It all started on Saturday, July 31, 2010. Jace, Cohen and I drove up to Farmerville, LA for the 47th Annual Watermelon Festival. We started the day early. Mitzi met us in town and the four of us ran the Watermelon 5K. It was Mitzi and Cohen’s first 5K and I think they did great! It was my first 5K with a stroller, so that was interesting. When we were reading up on this race, the information said there would be rolling hills. I lived in Farmerville for a long time, and I don’t remember hills. So we laughed at their “rolling hills.” I should not have laughed! Running up a hill is one thing, running up a hill with a stroller and a 30lb kid is a totally different story. And going up the hill was the easy part! Going back down was pure torture! (For those questioning whether you should strap yourself to your child’s stroller…the answer is yes! I did not and I almost lost Cohen on the downhill. Not good.).

Jace finished in 25:15. Mitzi, Cohen and I finished in 38:40.

Here is a few pictures of us pre-race. Go Team Raney (and Team Albritton)!

And for the post race meal...Watermelons, of course!

After enjoying our watermelon, Jace, Mitzi and I changed into our Watermelon Festival T-Shirts. (Ok. I love it when we all dress alike. I think it's cute. I've done this to my family many times over the years, and my in-laws have even been tortured by my need to dress alike. Sorry.)

We moved over to the parade route, and got front row seats to all the action.

Our next stop was a pizza joint in Farmerville. One of the local churches was sponsoring a kids day where the kids could decorate cupcakes. Too cute!

The Watermelon Festival was so much fun, I decided to keep the fun going with Watermelon crafts all week. Cohen and I went to the grocery store to get a watermelon. I let him pick out which one we purchased. Then he wanted the watermelon to ride in the buggy with him.

When we got home, I had him color a watermelon picture with the REAL markers. Such an amazing artist.

Next we cut into the watermelon and made watermelon cookies. I just sliced the watermelon in about 1 inch pieces and we used cookie cutters for the shapes. Next you cover the watermelon with yogurt and put sprinkles on top. Cohen loved the sprinkles! (Notice: In this picture you will see our beloved Hugsy sitting in a chair in the back. Cohen was determined to let Hugsy eat some of this. I did my best to allow Hugsy to be involved, but he had to stay in his chair....where are Lora and Stella when we need them!).

We used the rest of the watermelon to make a little watermelon house (fear not...I was the only person in the house that day who got to use the knife. Cohen helped me clean out the melon and he helped eat a lot of the insides).

Cohen was so excited, he went to get Hugsy to show the house to him.

And of course, we can't have a craft day at the Raney house without some construction paper and glue.

The last watermelon craft of the week was painting. This was our first attempt at painting together and it was a huge success (and a rather large mess too). Cohen loved paiting with the brush. Although it doesn't really look like a watermelon, I think it's fridge worthy!

Ok. So I forgot to mention this part in the fish post, but with each theme we also study a story from the Bible. (The fish story was from Luke 9:10-17 where Jesus feeds the five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fish). The story this week was from Galations 5:22-23. Cohen learned all about the fruits of the Spirit and how they are important to us.


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  2. I think you totally missed your calling as a teacher! ;) This is super creative! Can I sign Tristyn up for "mrs. emily craft days" next summer??