Friday, September 10, 2010

Could everyday be a walk in the park?

On Saturday, Jace, Pops, Nan and I took Cohen to City Park. We have been here before but we only played on the playground, we never actually went into the Storyland part.

We started out at the fountains in front of Storyland. Cohen loved playing in the water.

From the fountains, we moved on to the playground. I did not take pictures of us at the playground, because I was too busy chasing Cohen. He loves the playground at City Park.

The next few pictures are from Storyland. I would highly suggest this for anyone with kids. Cohen doesn't know his nursery rhymes, so some of the stories were lost on him. If you have a child that knows their nursery rhymes, this is the place to go!

I'm not going to discuss the "accident" that took place on this slide on Cohen's first trip down. Let's just say our boy is tough and he got back up and did it again...and loved it...take a good look at his face in these pictures.

Ah yes, the family pic. Look at the love.

Storyland also has a very old carousel (which I'm sure has a great story behind it, but unfortunately I know none of the details). Jace bought two tickets, one for me and one for him, so Cohen got to ride twice (kids under 36" ride free!)

I'm saving the best picture for is Cohen with his Nan and Pops. We are so happy they joined us for this day of fun!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Should we be having this much fun?

I purchased this tunnel for Cohen a few months ago, but we are just now really getting our money's worth out of it.

How was Cohen's first day of school?

Cohen started school this week. I took a few pictures from his first day.

We started the day with the most important meal of the day...on the menu...oatmeal and chocolate milk! Yummy!

Look at that smile...I think he's ready!

Jace met us at school to walk Cohen into his classroom on his first day.

Our little man is growing up so fast!

Well, I had so many things to do after his first day of school, I was not able to treat him to ice cream on that day. He got this special treat after the second day.

I think he really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Does he look 30?

No. The answer is no, Jace doesn't look it, but he is!! Old man!! Hehe. I guess in a couple of years, you can call me old too!

In honor of Jace's 30th birthday, a few of our friends and family members went down to New Orleans for the weekend.

It all started Saturday morning. Cohen and I treated Jace to some tasty donuts at The Donut Hole in LaPlace. After bringing Cohen back to my house (where he would spend a fun filled weekend with Meme), the group headed to New Orleans.

Our first stop was Magazine Street. We did some shopping and we visited the new Varsity Sports. While this was not our original purpose for going to this particular part of town (I'll explain our real purpose later), we did find some really neat shops and some really cool stuff!!

And as you will see below, the moral of the story is to always be ready for a picture to be taken...and not just taken...posted to my blog!! This is a great picture of Ryan and Stephanie, um, and Adam...hehe!!

Here is Jamie, Mitzi and Tricia...ready for some shopping!!

As mentioned before, you should always assume that I will post your picture to my blog. Ryan, thanks so much for trying on those shoes and that turbin! You are looking mighty fine!

Jace tried to find something that would go with Ryan's outfit, but I guess he never could find anything shiny enough!! I wish he would have got his hands on those nice wigs in the back...I'm sure he would look years younger in that!!

After shopping we headed over to Stein's Deli, the real reason for being on this side of town. I would highly recommend this place! It was very tasty!

Our next stop was for ice cream at the Creole Creamery. I don't love ice cream, but this place was great.

Not sure if that is a face that says "this ice cream rocks" or if she's saying "get that camera out of my face." Either way, I'm sure she's enjoying her ice cream!!

Ah yes, and some cousinly love!! Ice cream always brings out the best in all of us!!

We had lots of fun in New are a few more of my favorite pictures from the weekend...

Look at that way he's 30!! Happy Birthday Jace!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Can you say "cheese"?

A few weeks ago, Jace, Cohen and I met one of our favorite photographers, Erin Guedry, in the French Quarter to take some family pictures. It was super hot that day, but we had lots of fun anyway. Cohen put on a show for all of us.

Check out Erin's blog for some of the pictures. I just couldn't help but post a few here as well.

And of course, you can't go to the French Quarter and not enjoy some of the music. Cohen danced while this guy played the sax. He actually drew a crowd. Too funny!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Do you like to play house?

Ah yes, another crafty week at the Raney residence. This will probably be the last week of craftiness, because Cohen will start school next week. Awww.

This week our theme was houses. We learned all about different houses...bird houses, turtle houses, and people houses.

Our Bible story this week was also on houses. We learned about God's house. We read a story about how Jesus' parents went looking for him when they thought he was lost, but they found Him at His Father's house. (Luke 2:41-49).

Kids do say the cutest things...I asked Cohen, Molly and Stella what they kept in their house, and they all yelled out "TOYS!" Then I asked what was at God's House (or the Church) and they all yelled out "TOYS!" Too cute!

Cohen and I built a house. Again, this is another wonderful idea that came from our Disney Family Fun Magazine.

On Friday, our friends, Molly, Stella and Lora came to play. We love having friends over to play!

Later that day, I pulled out the markers, and let the kids color. These kids love markers!!

And it wouldn't be craft day at the Raney's house without a some construction paper and glue.

Then Cohen invited all of his friends to come visit him in his little playhouse.

Yep...all the kids are in there.

Then, they invited me to visit and we sang songs in the house together. Look at those adorable kids! Such great friends!!

Cohen brought his guitar in the house to play a song for his friends.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Can you make pasta?

For those interested, this is a family blog, and the pasta I'm referring to is the type that is made with flour and eggs.

A week or so ago, my sister-in-law, Tricia, agreed to teach some of her friends and family how to make pasta. Pasta making is not so easy, but it is loads of fun.

She started the lesson by explaining that a master pasta maker mixes the eggs and flour on a flat surface, not in a bowl. Then Tricia began to pass out bowls to all the students. I refused the bowl. Yes. That's right. What fun is it to make the pasta in a bowl?

Tricia gave me a wooden cutting board and proceeded to explain the egg to flour ratio to all of us. While she was explaining, I proceeded to make a huge mess and managed to get the egg and flour everywhere. I regret not using the bowl. Tricia had to come over later and fix my or well try to fix it. It was a lost cause.

After the disaster that was my first batch of pasta, I agreed to take the bowl, and I started all over again.

After mixing all the ingredients, we allowed the pasta dough to sit for 30 minutes. This was the perfect time to eat all the delicious food Stephanie had prepared for us!

After the pasta was finished sitting, we rolled it out and created our pasta.

It was fun and the pasta was very tasty!!