Sunday, September 5, 2010

Can you make pasta?

For those interested, this is a family blog, and the pasta I'm referring to is the type that is made with flour and eggs.

A week or so ago, my sister-in-law, Tricia, agreed to teach some of her friends and family how to make pasta. Pasta making is not so easy, but it is loads of fun.

She started the lesson by explaining that a master pasta maker mixes the eggs and flour on a flat surface, not in a bowl. Then Tricia began to pass out bowls to all the students. I refused the bowl. Yes. That's right. What fun is it to make the pasta in a bowl?

Tricia gave me a wooden cutting board and proceeded to explain the egg to flour ratio to all of us. While she was explaining, I proceeded to make a huge mess and managed to get the egg and flour everywhere. I regret not using the bowl. Tricia had to come over later and fix my or well try to fix it. It was a lost cause.

After the disaster that was my first batch of pasta, I agreed to take the bowl, and I started all over again.

After mixing all the ingredients, we allowed the pasta dough to sit for 30 minutes. This was the perfect time to eat all the delicious food Stephanie had prepared for us!

After the pasta was finished sitting, we rolled it out and created our pasta.

It was fun and the pasta was very tasty!!

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