Friday, September 10, 2010

Could everyday be a walk in the park?

On Saturday, Jace, Pops, Nan and I took Cohen to City Park. We have been here before but we only played on the playground, we never actually went into the Storyland part.

We started out at the fountains in front of Storyland. Cohen loved playing in the water.

From the fountains, we moved on to the playground. I did not take pictures of us at the playground, because I was too busy chasing Cohen. He loves the playground at City Park.

The next few pictures are from Storyland. I would highly suggest this for anyone with kids. Cohen doesn't know his nursery rhymes, so some of the stories were lost on him. If you have a child that knows their nursery rhymes, this is the place to go!

I'm not going to discuss the "accident" that took place on this slide on Cohen's first trip down. Let's just say our boy is tough and he got back up and did it again...and loved it...take a good look at his face in these pictures.

Ah yes, the family pic. Look at the love.

Storyland also has a very old carousel (which I'm sure has a great story behind it, but unfortunately I know none of the details). Jace bought two tickets, one for me and one for him, so Cohen got to ride twice (kids under 36" ride free!)

I'm saving the best picture for is Cohen with his Nan and Pops. We are so happy they joined us for this day of fun!!


  1. Cohen is the greatest!! It was so much fun spending the day with him. Can't wait to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ummmm, why didn't Nan and Pops ride the carousel? You tell them to get their cowboy boots ready because at Celebration in the Oaks EVERYBODY rides! And we'll send Damon down the dragon slide again. Haha!

  3. Wow! That's cool. We'll have to take Tris sometime this fall. Cohen is growing up so much!!