Monday, September 6, 2010

Do you like to play house?

Ah yes, another crafty week at the Raney residence. This will probably be the last week of craftiness, because Cohen will start school next week. Awww.

This week our theme was houses. We learned all about different houses...bird houses, turtle houses, and people houses.

Our Bible story this week was also on houses. We learned about God's house. We read a story about how Jesus' parents went looking for him when they thought he was lost, but they found Him at His Father's house. (Luke 2:41-49).

Kids do say the cutest things...I asked Cohen, Molly and Stella what they kept in their house, and they all yelled out "TOYS!" Then I asked what was at God's House (or the Church) and they all yelled out "TOYS!" Too cute!

Cohen and I built a house. Again, this is another wonderful idea that came from our Disney Family Fun Magazine.

On Friday, our friends, Molly, Stella and Lora came to play. We love having friends over to play!

Later that day, I pulled out the markers, and let the kids color. These kids love markers!!

And it wouldn't be craft day at the Raney's house without a some construction paper and glue.

Then Cohen invited all of his friends to come visit him in his little playhouse.

Yep...all the kids are in there.

Then, they invited me to visit and we sang songs in the house together. Look at those adorable kids! Such great friends!!

Cohen brought his guitar in the house to play a song for his friends.

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  1. Pops and I have enjoyed all the craft days at the Raney's house!
    Too Adorable!!! Thanks for sharing these fun times.