Sunday, October 31, 2010

How far is a half marathon?

On Saturday, October 30, Jace and I finished our second half-marathon. We did it! All 13.1 miles. Jace finished in 1:59:30 and I finished in 2:22:12. Yay!

Last year, we did our first half-marathon on October 31, 2009, and got on a plane that same day to go meet our son in Russia. This year was much different. That beautiful little boy that knew nothing about us a year ago, got to be one of the spectators at the race (Thanks to Nan and Pops for making this possible!).


Here are a couple of photos of Cohen playing on the playground near the race course with Nan and Pops. I think he had lots of fun.

I think Nan had a lot of fun at the playground as well!

The official after race photo.


  1. Who was number 500? Gosh, that is aggravating! Congrats! So proud of you and so happy that Cohen is part of your family now!

  2. i agree with Scarlett! Who got in between the two of you?!? ;)

    great post! so glad this kid is part of our life!

  3. Way cute! How sweet of Cohen to make those signs to cheer on his mommy and daddy :) I am so proud of you guys. Y'all inspire me to get back on track with running and enter a race somewhere myself.