Thursday, October 28, 2010

How scary is your scarecrow?

Cohen's preschool teachers sent some homework home with Cohen last week. We were supposed to decorate a scarecrow for the teachers to hang in their class. I don't know if you know this or not, but I love doing crafty projects with Cohen. We both really enjoy making a mess of my house!

During one of our training runs, we stopped along the run to gather up pine straw, grass, leaves, and berries. I decided that we would decorate the scarecrow with fall foliage.

Now I'm not a teacher, but I'm pretty sure that if  you send something home for the kids to do with their parents, the parents should be there mostly for support, not to do the entire project. Below is evidence that I supported, and Cohen did the work.

Cohen is not good with sissors yet, so I cut out the different pieces of the scarecrow. He squeezed the glue and rubbed it in with a paint brush. Then he helped crush the leaves and sprinkle them on top of the Scarecrow's hat.

 Next we moved onto the scarecrow's head. I cut up pine straw into very small pieces. Almost the size of glitter. Again, he spread the glue and sprinkled the straw on the scarecrow.

 We used the crushed leaves for the pants. Cohen found a very effecient way to get those leaves into the glue.

Almost done. We just had to glue on the berries for eyes and buttons. We also used a flower pedal for the mouth.

 The finished product. We had loads of fun doing this one...can't wait for our next homework assignment.

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  1. Cutest scarecrow I've ever seen!! Cohen's expressions are priceless!!