Monday, November 22, 2010

Trick or Treat?

I say treat! I know, it's a little late, but here's the Halloween blog post...

Cohen was a hamburger this year. Jace and I put on our aprons and we were the offical "Grill Masters." Nan and Pops came with us too, and they also joined in the grilling fun. They came as Salt and Pepper. Too cute! Uncle Awesome and Aunt Trix did not go with the grilling theme, but they were just as cute all the same. They came as a dentist and the tooth fairy. Love it!

The grilling team...

 All the neighborhood kids came along for the fun.

 The two delicious trick or treaters. Miss Cille is looking mighty cute in her pea costume.

We are the cruel type parents that did not let our child consume any candy during our hunt, so when we got home, Cohen was ready to enjoy his hard work.

 And the best for last....the entire Raney Family! Look how cute!

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