Saturday, December 25, 2010

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

Last year, Cohen had a beautiful white Christmas, New Years, and well pretty much the months of November to February were all white for him.

This year, not so much. We can only dream of a day when Louisiana will experience a white Christmas. It has happened before, so we can always hope for snow next year.

Last week my Mom came to stay a couple of days with us. We decided to drive into New Orleans one of the days she was here to see the snow on Fulton Street. I think we will have to add this to our list of "must do" Christmas traditions. As you all know, Cohen has certainly seen lots of snow. More than most of us could dream of seeing. But now that he lives in Louisiana, he may not see snow each year, so it's great that we can go see a little snow right here in New Orleans.

Here is Meme and Cohen posing next to a giant Santa.

I believe Macy's department store is responsible for this huge Christmas tree.

It snows on Fulton Street every hour on the hour. The snow is actually more like tiny bubbles, not meant to be maybe you should not speak while the snow is falling because it will go in your mouth and it does not taste well. Just a warning.

 In this picture Cohen is trying to catch some of the snow.

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