Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Can you feed the dogs?

Jace and I recently learned that Cohen knows how to feed Lucy and Ella with no help. Jace figured this out one day while he was going to feed the dogs, and the pantry door was open. Cohen beat him there, and before Jace even made it into the kitchen, Cohen had the food drawer open and the cups ready for food.

I videoed this today. I think it's great! Cohen loves to help take care of Lucy and Ella. A few things I need to mention prior to having you watch this video:
  1. My cleaning lady does not come anymore. The cleaning lady is now me, so the house is not very clean.
  2. I do LOVE Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes, but those are actually treats for Cohen's class at school. Ok, so most of them are.
  3. Lucy does the spins before every meal. She loves to eat!
  4. Lucy and Ella did get more food after the video was shot. Fear not, I will not starve those beautiful puppies!

1 comment:

  1. That video cracks me up. Cohen is so sweet feeding the puppies. I love how Lucy spins, it just cracks me up. I had to share it with matt and another friend b/c it was just to funny. I have to comment on how well behaved your puppies are. They waited for Cohen to get the food out and did not go after him. They are very well behaved. Our puppy does the same, he sits and waits until we till him "ok", then he knows he can eat.